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9 Basic Quilling Shapes

By November 23, 2012

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Basic Quilling ShapesQuilling is the art of rolling thin strips of paper to create designs that look intricate and complicated. Almost all of these designs, however, can be broken down into 9 Basic Quilling Shapes. This new article will teach you how to make each of these shapes getting you ready to create both simple and complex designs for your scrapbooks and greeting cards.


November 27, 2012 at 1:54 pm
(1) Charli says:

I’ve been quilling for over 50 years and I have to disagree with you. First I can tell you are not an experienced quiller. Had you been there would not have been so many problems with the article. In the past 10 years new shapes have been created as have the boundaries of quilling design. New techniques, new products, new ideas are all expanding quilling to new boundaries. Your terms show that you are not a quiller. The first item is not just a tight coil. It’s called a closed tight coil (which means it has been glued so it can’t change) or a peg. Pegs have numerous uses. There are actually 2 types of “loose coils” one is a closed loose coil and the other is a open loose coil. Most “sizing” boards are not made of cork. They are mad of plastic with predetermined holes to allow the coil to expand to only a certain size. Although we sell the Cadillac of such boards (the Quilling Corral) when I teach I discourage the use of such boards. The board that is a cork board is the design board. This board is used to layout your coils into a specified design. I could spend quite a bit of time correcting your article. Instead I will post a corrected version later. For those wanting to learn how to quill I would refer them to North American Quilling Guild Site http://www.naqg.org/accreditation/NAQGshapeChartFinal2010.pdf

November 28, 2012 at 11:18 am
(2) scrapbooking says:

Thank you so much for sharing your expertise with us. You are quite right that my decades of expertise are in scrapbooking and not in quilling specifically. Quilling is one of many crafts that have overlapped into scrapbooking on occasion over the years. It was popular in scrapbooking about 8 or 10 years ago and has made a come back again recently. The articles on this site are not meant to be for people who want to be quillers, but rather for scrapbookers who may want to try dabbling a bit in quilling because it is fun to try a new technique on their scrapbook pages. I am so glad that you shared that link so that readers can see the whole realm of shapes that are available to them if they choose to go even further with this beautiful paper artistry.

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