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Finally, make sure that you include clues about the child's life that may be interesting historical details years from now, like the car, house, grandparents etc. This album is not only a pleasure to complete but also a gift that will be treasured.

Sample Word List
A: Airplane, Acorns, Apple, Angel, Ants, Aunt
B: Bicycle, Ball, Bath, Bubbles, Balloon, Bell
C: Car, Cup, Cow, Clothes, Clown, Cat, Crayons, Candy
D: Dog, Diamond, Desk, Doctor, Dentist, Doll, Deer
E: Egg, Eating, Eight, Eeyore, Elephant
F: Flag, Frog, Fish, Fingers, Family, French Fries
G: Garage, Girl, Goldfish, Grandparents, Goat, Glue
H: Horse, Hat, Hand, Helper, Happy, Hose, Hopscotch
I:  Ice cream, Inside, Insects, Island
J: Jump rope, Juggler, Jack-o-lantern, Jack-in-the-box
K: Kite, Keys, Kitchen, Kick, Kiss, Knife, Knee
L: Lemon, Lake, Lion, Lollipop, La-La, Laughing, Lunch
M: Mask, Monkey, McDonald's, Music, Mushroom, Mail, Map
N: Nose, Nickel, Nurse, Newspaper, Notes (musical), Nine
O: Open, Orange, Owl, Ostrich, Ouch (band-aid) 
P: Pillow, Puppy, Piglet, Pumpkin, Party, Pinecone 
Q: Quilt, Quarter, Queen, Quiet, Quail
R: Rose, Roo, Robot, Rabbit, Rock, Roller-skate
S: Star, Snail, Swings, Snow, Spaghetti, Spider, Spoon
T: Tree, Table, Tea Pot, Tricycle, Toy, Tractor, Train
U: Umbrella, Under, Ugly, Uncle
V: Violin, Van, Very _____ (pretty, funny etc.), Vacuum
W: World, Water, Wagon, Wrestle, Windmill, Winnie-the-Pooh
X: Xylophone, X-ray, Extra _____ (special, pretty, sweet etc.)
Y: Yo-yo, Yellow, Yes, Yuck, Yarn
Z: Zebra, Zoo, Zipper 

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