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Hands Off Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hands Off! ™?

Hands Off! ™ is a revolutionary new product developed by Special Effects Illustration, Inc.—a Salt Lake City, UT based developer of scrap booking products for the crafts industry. Hands Off! ™ is a greaseless, odorless, hypo-allergenic and quick drying hand lotion and liquid soap that provides scrap bookers with an effective acid barrier right on their hands—eliminating the need for cotton gloves.

 How does Hands Off! ™ Work?

Surprisingly, our hands are quite acidic with a pH value of 5.5—far more acidic than 7.0 the pH value that’s considered to be acid-free. Chemists, using new “aqueous ion” technology formulated Hands Off! ™ lotion and soap to neutralize the natural acid present on unprotected hands.  When used in conjunction with Hands Off! ™ Acid Neutralizing Soap, the lotion keeps hands at an acid-free pH level of 7.5 for up to two hours.

Why use Hands Off! ™?

Most crafts devotees don’t realize that their hands are acidic. Scrapbookers are fervent in their search for acid-free products such as markers, glue, pens, and paper. Yet 97% of them use nothing on their hands to protect precious materials from damaging hand acid. That means that every time scrap bookers touch materials with unprotected hands, they risk damaging their materials. Hands Off! ™ Acid Neutralizing Lotion and Soap are easy to use. They are time-tested and proven to be safe and effective.

 How can you be sure Hands Off! ™ is effective?

The effectiveness of Hands Off! ™ Acid Neutralizing Lotion and Soap is easily demonstrated with a simple test using common pH strips. Acidity is measured in terms of its “pH”. The pH scale ranges from 0 to 14. A pH of 7 represents a level that is neutral or “acid-free”.  A pH level of less than 7 means something is acidic. Untreated hands that touch a fresh pH test strip will register pH 5.5—a level that is quite acidic. After washing hands with Hands Off! ™ Acid Neutralizing Hand Soap and applying Hands Off! ™ Acid Neutralizing Hand Lotion, treated hands that touch a fresh pH test strip will register around 7.5—a level that is considered acid- free!

 How long does each treatment with Hands Off! ™ last?

Each four-ounce bottle of Hands Off! ™ Acid Neutralizing Hand Lotion contains enough for about 120 to 140 applications. A very small drop, about the size of a button, is all it takes to have acid-free hands for up to two hours!

 Where can you find Hands Off! ™ Acid Neutralizing Hand Lotion and Soap?

Hands Off! ™ products are available in most major crafts and scrapbooking stores. A four-ounce bottle of Hands Off! ™ lotion retails for $9.95 and an eight-ounce pump bottle of hand soap retails for $9.95. A convenient combo pack containing both Hands Off! ™ products retails for $19.95.


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