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Simple Border Art

Dateline: 04/01/00

Need some new ideas to jazz up your scrapbook pages? Try this simple border art plan for great page edges. All you need is a ruler, some acid-free pens and stickers, and a design edge to trace (like waves, scallops, zig-zag, etc.). Design edges can be found on border rulers or template edges.

Start by drawing a solid thick line where you would like the border to be anchored on your page.  This will give the border a solid base and give you a foundation to build upon. Next, use a design edge ruler to trace a pattern over the solid line. This can be done in the same color as the previous line or in a color to coordinate with the colors in your pictures or the stickers you will be using. For my example, I used a thick-tipped, black pen to draw the base and added a scalloped line with a purple fine-tipped pen. 

Next, add some stickers. Here you can let your creativity run amok. Try using two different kinds of stickers; I used music notes and hearts. A large sticker placed in the corner of the border is another variation that looks great.

When you are happy with your sticker placement, move on to pen decorations. This really is the finishing touch to the border. Notice the difference between figure 3 in the example and figure 4. Just by adding some little dots and motion marks the border looks professional and more fun.  

These instructions can also be found in detailed step-by-step format in the article How To Make Simple Decorative Borders. Continue to page 2 for more great border ideas complete with pictures to guide you.

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