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Heritage Scrapbooking: Part I

An Interview with Scrapbooking Instructor: Karin Dean

Karin teaches scrapbooking classes at Sticker Store and More in Southgate, MI and is an avid scrapbooker.

This interview with Karin Dean will focus on the work that she has done teaching others how to create wonderful heritage scrapbooks. This first installment will detail the steps involved in getting started. Next week, we will discuss the artistic choices that are appropriate for heritage scrapbooks. And in the third and final part of the interview, we will discuss journaling, memorabilia, and internet resources. Throughout the series, I will be adding heritage layout ideas and focusing on great products to help you make beautiful albums to preserve your family history.

Rebecca: Hello, Karin, thank you for sharing your expertise with us.

Karin: You’re welcome, I am so glad to be able to participate with you on your web site.

R: The first thing I would like you to help us with is simply, where do we start? We may have this big box of pictures that have been handed down to us, or maybe we would like to create a special album for some of our relatives. How do we begin?

K: The best way to start is to get organized. First and foremost, you need to organize your mind. Which means, decide what the goal or focus of your album will be.

R: What kinds of questions should we ask ourselves to discover the goal of the album?

K: To whom will the album be given? Is it a gift for a special occasion? These questions will determine which family members should be included and how many albums or pages you should plan on filling. A gift for a special occasion should be kept to one album that includes about 30 – 40 pages, so that people at the party can enjoy it in less than 15 minutes; the recipient and other more serious viewers will spend longer later.

R: How do you recommend we decide which family members to include?

K: A family tree will help you focus on who needs to be in the album and what order they will be in. A family tree is organized by working from the youngest generation backwards in time as far as you are able to go. The father’s side of the family is shown on the left and the mother’s on the right. By the time you go back just 5 generations, you end up with no less than 63 people on your chart. And that doesn’t include siblings or cousins of everyone!

R: So how do we narrow the focus?

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