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Heritage Scrapbooking: Part III

Journaling and Memorabilia: Continuing Interview with Scrapbooking Instructor Karin Dean

Rebecca: Before we begin, I would like to thank Scrapbookscrapbook.com for providing the wonderful heritage background paper and clipart used for the sample layout included on this page. The designs seen here come from Heritage 3, just one of several sets of wonderful heritage graphics that you can download from their site. Free samples are also available for you to try out the graphic sets.

Karen, this is the last installment of our interview and I can't thank you enough for the wonderful information that you have shared with us.  This time, I would like to focus on journaling and memorabilia in heritage albums. I always say that journaling is perhaps the most important element in our scrapbooks, and I think this is especially true in heritage albums. The pictures without the story will quickly become meaningless. How much information should we include in this type of album?

Karin: As much as you know; as much as you can find out, facts and great stories. Also, use people’s complete names.  Instead of “My grandparents on their wedding day” write “Ludwig Heinz and Barbara Neubauer.  Ludwig was 23 and Barbara 22 when they married on November 1, 1918.  Ludwig had just returned from the World War I.  Ludwig and Barbara became the parents of Emilie, Rosa, and Alfred.”  Give your reader some personal information and some perspective on the time period.  Write dates with month spelled out so there’s no confusion as to month/day day/month order. Also, look at books and websites that tell about the time period.  Mention in the journaling what was happening in the world at that time; if you know someone’s salary or how much they paid for the house, that’s great information to include.

R: How do you feel about computer versus handwritten journaling in heritage albums?

K: Consider the thrill you feel when you come across something written long ago by a relative no longer alive. Someday our descendents will feel this way about our handwriting, because it’s such a strong visual reminder of someone’s personality.  Somewhere in your scrapbook you should include your own handwriting, (journaling or dedication page).  Go ahead and computer journal where you wish, however.  Whenever you can, use the handwriting of those in your albums – copies of the backs of photos, letters or postcards written by that person.  It’s a wonderful touch.

R: What other kinds of things would you recommend including in our albums? 

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