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Fabulous Pages Made Easy With CK Creative Lettering Combo

Using Creating Keepsakes' Lettering Software 
by Your Guide to Scrapbooking Rebecca Ludens

My favorite new scrapbooking tool is not a cutting system, set of pens, or even some luscious new paper (one of my many craft addictions) instead it is a computer program. The Best of Creative Lettering Combo from Creating Keepsakes has revolutionized my scrapbook layouts. With an easy to use browser and a palette of terrific clip art, alphabets, and fonts, the Creative Lettering Combo is packed enough to give you lots of options while simple enough that my 8 year old has already mastered it. In this article, I will walk you through the steps of using the program, highlighting some of my personal favorite features. Listed after the article are several sample layouts to give you page ideas and also to show off a few of the things you can do with this terrific software. 
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Program Features

The Brower Window

The essential element of The Best of Creative Lettering Combo CD is the Image Browser. Pictured above, the image browser is set up to easily organize and display not only the alphabets and clipart from the Creative Lettering package, but also those from add-on programs such as The Art of Creative Lettering CD. The area of the browser labeled with a number one for identification above, lists the alphabets and graphics sets available within the browser. They are listed alphabetically in a scrolling style window. As each title is clicked, the set appears in the browser window labeled with a two above. 

Beside the alphabet window are the "fill" selections available for that choice, numbered with a three above. If an alphabet has an extra element, for example the Trellis lettering style has vines with leaves wrapped around the letters, then an additional "fill" window appears. This drop-down menu allows you to choose what color you wish your letters to be. After selecting one of 25 colors, you can also select one of the 25 fill patterns.

Next to the red number four above is the print button. The terrific thing about this program is that by clicking that selection, a print window opens. This window allows you to add your current title to a blank page and save that page to add more titles and graphics to for later printing!

Using Flipettes

Many of the alphabets on this CD would be perfect for letter templates. If you love the look of cut-out matted letters on your pages, this program makes them one step easier. Simply select the alphabet you wish to use, CK Block is one example of a great template font, and type out your title or phrase. Then, click the "Flipettes" button to flip the entire phrase backward. Then, print your title on the back side of your cardstock and cut out for perfect template lettering without the tracing!


The graphics/clipart sets available on this combo CD are all collected from Creating Keepsakes Cut 'n Copy collections. Your favorites from past magazines and idea books are organized here by topic. You can print these graphics in full color, ready to be adhered to your layouts. You can also print them in black and white in order to be able to custom color them with your scrapbooking pens.


Possibly my favorite feature of the CD is the Journalettes. Clicking this tab, located right above the number five in the sample above, brings you to a journaling window. There, you can choose from over 50 unique shapes to hold your journaling on your pages. A balloon, baby bottle, arrows, apple, and even Mouse ears are some of the choices available. Once you select a shape, you can then pick the font you wish to use for journaling. Add all your thoughts to the shape and click print. This will bring you once again to the print window, where you can add and re-size your journaling shape on to the page you are preparing to print. Tip: These shapes also make great custom sizable "die-cut" shapes that you can print on any color scrapbook paper or cardstock.

Book Reference

The number six above shows where on the browser window you can find information to help you locate a specific alphabet or graphic in a past Creating Keepsakes idea book. This is a wonderful advantage if you are looking for some additional creative ways to use that specific item. You will be able to refer to that book for more page ideas. Page samples are also available on the CD to inspire your creativity.

Sample Pages

Ear Piercing - This is the page that proves that even an 8 year old can master this program. The title was created using the CK Gala alphabet from The Art of Creative Lettering CD, which is an additional program using the same browser that you can add on to the collection or use as a stand alone CD. The paper doll on the page is from The Gratiae.

Apple Orchard - The title on this page is included with the journaling box. This gives you an example of how printing and matting even just one letter from the alphabets available with the program can dress up a page!

Delano Homestead - An example of a "stitched layout," this two page spread features the CK Harvest font as the centerpiece of the layout.

Summer Swingin' - This page was the sample page for the article detailing the steps involved in creating beautiful folded photo corners. The title for this page was printed on vellum using this software program and is definitely worth another look. Use your browser "back" button to return to this article.

Product purchasing information, including the cost of the programs, can be found at your local scrapbook store or on the Creating Keepsakes web site.

Looking for more journaling, lettering, or page layout ideas, come join us on the Forum!

Happy Scrappin'

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