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Scrapbook Quilting

Combining your love of two different crafts can be a great way to spark new creativity.  One hot trend in scrapbooking is using quilting patterns as paper piecing templates. The parts of the quilt block design can be cut out of any combination of photos and colored cardstock to create a myriad of different looks each as unique as our individual scrapbooks.  The intricacy of the patterns adds beauty to the layouts while the simplicity of the technique cuts down on the time necessary to create these works of art.

The first step in making a quilted photo page is to select the photographs that are appropriate for this kind of layout. When choosing your photos, keep in mind that for most quilt block patterns the individual pieces are rather small.  Therefore, it is necessary to choose pictures that have elements in them that can be selected as a part of a pattern rather than thinking about using the photo as a whole.  For my layout, I used pictures that I took (to use up the end of a roll of film I wanted to get developed) of the flowers that are currently blooming around our yard.  I had double prints made and used both copies of each of the pictures to get enough pieces to complete my layout.  If you have quilted before, you have a tremendous advantage when selecting the photographs you are going to use for your layout.  Simply look at the pictures as if they were printed fabric and go from there.  Select photos that complement each other in color, theme, and have a variety of sizes of subjects. Notice the pictures of my flowers. Some of them are small print flowers, like impatiens, while some of them are larger individual blooms.  The colors of the flowers all are lovely together making piecing these elements together a breeze. Other ideas for photos are: Landscape shots from your vacation, sunset photos, extra pictures of events you attended, etc. Remember, not all of the pieces of the pattern need to be from photos, as mine are, some of them can be solid or patterned scrapbook paper.

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