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Scrapbook Quilting: The Diamond Double Star

Fool all your friends into thinking that you are a scrapbook genius by adding this beautiful page to your albums. With the right size template for the diamond shape, this puzzle just slides together effortlessly; without the right size template, there will be much weeping and gnashing of teeth. This article will give you the dimensions required for the template and provide the simple step-by-step process involved in putting it together.

The Template

The first thing you need to do is create a template. If you happen to own the Creative Memories Stars, Hearts, and Geometrics templates, you are in luck. The diamond shape on those templates is the perfect size for this star pattern. If you do not own that template, never fear, you can make one quite simply. The diamond must be exactly 4 inches tall and 2 5/16 inches wide. If you very carefully draw this diamond shape on poster board, a butter tub lid, or any other piece of thin plastic or heavy weight paper, you will have a wonderful template to use over and over again. I created mine on a piece of poster board that had 1/2 inch grid lines lightly printed on it. This allowed me to draw a perfectly centered diamond. You can also try printing out the copy of my template and using it as a tracing pattern.

Piecing The Star

The star is made up of two sets of six diamonds. The first six diamonds are cut from your pictures, while the second six are cut from scrapbook mounting paper in your choice of print and color. You may want to cut out six sample diamonds, just to make sure that they are fitting together nicely for you, before you cut your pictures. Then, simply layout the paper diamonds to form a star on your page by fitting the tips of the diamonds together in the center. Affix your picture-cut diamonds on top of the paper star, but off-set it so that you can see the tips of the colored paper in between each picture diamond. That's all there is to it!

Have Fun and Happy Scrappin'!

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Diamond Double Star Samples: These samples were provided by Judith Ludens. They are beautiful and I am thankful for her contribution.

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