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Ask Rebecca: Where Can I Find a 12"x12" Printer?

Your Email Questions Answered
by Rebecca Ludens

"In your recent article, "Scrapbooking Family Traditions". You mentioned a tip about sandpapering the background paper and then printing your journaling straight to the paper on the apple picking scrapbook page example. It looks like the paper is 12x12. What type of printer do you have that allows you to print on 12x12 paper?" From Barbara C.

Epson Photo Stylus 1280

I get asked frequently about large format printers. I currently use an Epson 1270, which will print on paper up to 13" wide. This printer is no longer available from Epson, as it has been upgraded to the 1280. Other models available from Epson that will print on 12"x12" paper include the 1520 and the 2200.

HP 9300

HP also offers a variety of large format printers. The most affordable of them is the 9300.

Printer Buying Tip: Be sure to check if the printer you are purchasing has a manufacturer's rebate. Rebates can save you $50 - $100 on some printers.

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