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Beaded Wire for Scrapbooking

Combining Wire and Beads for 3-D Embellishments for Your Scrapbook Pages
by Your Guide to Scrapbooking Rebecca Ludens

This beaded heart title is the perfect technique for Valentine's Day pictures. However, once you have mastered the technique, let your creativity flow as you create embellishments for other pages in your albums.


  • 24 gauge red permanent colored copper wire -Artistic Wire
  • Wire working tools: Round nose pliers, nylon jaw pliers, wire cutters
  • Bead mix: in example JewelCraft Red Hot bead mix


  1. Use round nose pliers to create a tight loop on one end of a piece of 6" wire. The loop will keep the beads from slipping off the end as you string them onto the wire.
  2. If the wire needs to be straightened, pull the piece through nylon jaw pliers once or twice to make it perfectly smooth before you try to begin beading the wire.
  3. String beads onto wire, covering approximately 4" of wire per heart. Create a simple pattern with the beads of you desire. The pattern in the sample is 8 mixed seed beads and one bugle bead in each section. The pattern repeated five times covers enough wire to create the heart. Tip: Beading wire is perfect for filling time while waiting to pick-up your child from school, watching television, or anytime that you would enjoy a simple craft project.
  4. When you finish covering the wire with beads, snip off any extra wire leaving about an inch of extra space on each end. Use round nose pliers to once again create a tight loop on the end to hold the beads on the wire.
  5. Right click the pattern below. Choose "Save As" and save the pattern to your computer. Print out the pattern to follow for the next several steps.
  6. Using the pattern as a simple guide, shape the beaded wire to form a heart.
  7. Use your wire cutters to snip off any extra wire at each end if needed, and complete with your round nose pliers forming a final loop on each end of the wire.
  8. Repeat steps 1 - 7 to create more hearts.
  9. Bead a 3" piece of wire to use for the "L" in "Love."
  10. Following the pattern, shape the beaded wire into the shape of the "L" while spreading the beads out along the length of the shape.
  11. Begin a new piece of wire, smooth with a loop on the end, and shape it to the letters "ove" on the pattern.
  12. Attach the word and hearts to your cardstock with wire, Gem-Tac liquid glue, or GlueDots.
  13. Mat entire title in red cardstock to accent the Red Hot bead mix.

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