Scrapbooking With Bottle Caps
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Scrapbooking With Bottle Caps

Popping With Personality
Article by Barbara Burnett of Design Originals

It used to be that all soft drinks came in glass bottles. The bottles were sealed with metal caps that we pried off with special openers. The bottle caps were colorful and usually included the company’s logo. Although some old style bottle caps are still used on drinks, they aren’t as popular as they once were... until now!!!

“Bottle caps are making a gripping comeback, but in a whole new way,” said Suzanne McNeill of Design Originals. “They are the hottest new embellishments for scrapbooks with a versatility that seems endless... from page accents to little frames for photos to colorful accents on frames and more! Put letter stickers on them and spell out page titles, names, expressions, phrases, or personalize projects with your initials,” suggested Suzanne. “Paint bottle caps a color or apply Rub ‘n Buff. Add charms to bottle caps with jump rings. Punch a hole with through the rim with a nail or screw and hammer. A hole can also be punched with a 1/16” hand-held paper punch,” she added. “Bottle caps jazz up just about everything!”

P.S. In case you thought about becoming a dumpster diva to save a few bucks, the bottle caps must be unused. They just don’t pound down right with that nice little ruffled framed edge if they have already been crimped over the mouth of a bottle.

How to Flatten a Bottle Cap

When flattened, the edging on bottle caps rolls up and create neat looking ruffled edges like a frame.

To flatten the bottle cap evenly, place it, top side up, on a hard surface. Pound it a couple times with a rubber mallet. Flip the bottle cap over and give it one hard pound. Voila!

Use them flattened or as is!


Sample Bottle Cap Scrapbook Page Layout

Design Originals Supplies Used:

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