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Cool Tools For Scrapbooking: The Clikit

How to Set an Eyelet, Emboss on Metal, and Stitch with Paper Floss Using Karen Foster Design's Click It

Using Karen Foster Design's Clikit:

Setting an Eyelet:

Step 1) Place the cardstock on the setting mat provided in the tool kit.

Step 2) Insert the appropriate size hole making tip on the tool (5 different sized tips are included in the kit).

Step 3) Hold the tool in place on the cardstock and press down on the handle until you hear it "click." For thicker cardstocks, or several layers, you will want to keep the tool in place while allowing the handle to slide back up and reset so you can "click" again once or twice.

Step 4) Insert and eyelet into the hole and flip the cardstock with the eyelet over on the mat.

Step 5) Replace the hole making tip with one of the two eyelet setting tips from the kit.

Step 6) Hold the tool in place on the back of the eyelet and "click" once or twice to set.

Embossing on Metal:

Step 1) Select a decorative tip or alphabet tip design and insert it into the tool (decorative tip sets and alphabet tip sets are sold separately from the main tool kit).

Step 2) Hold the tool in place on the metal sheet while you press down to "click." Allow the handle to slide up to re-set and "click" two or three more times to get a nice, deep impression in the metal sheet.

The word "joy" is from the Christmas decorative tip set.

Stitching with Paper Floss:

Step 1) Place cardstock or decorative paper onto the setting and punching mat.

Step 2) Insert the double punch tip, which is included in the main tool kit, into the tool.

Step 3) Press down to "click" punching two evenly spaced holes at a time into the cardstock.

Step 4) Continue punching holes along the entire length you wish to stitch.

Step 5) Use Paper Floss from Karen Foster Design to thread in and out of the holes to add decorative stitching to your scrapbook project.

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