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Love Themed Scrapbook Page Layouts

Scrapbook Page Ideas for Valentine's Day

This collection of scrapbook page layouts from scrapbookers on the About Scrapbooking Forum contains pages that showcase love themes. These layouts cover a broad range of relationships. You are sure to find some ideas that you can "scrap-lift," or borrow, for future scrapbooking. Click on the layout or the title to see the pages larger and in greater detail.

Layout 1) Who Stole My Heart? - Page design by Alison Nye.
Layout 2) Sweethearts - Page Design by Ann Marie Robins. This layout was inspired by a page that Ann saw in Memory Makers Magazine, Feb. 2005. The changes she has made have made the page her own.
Layout 3) Remember When - Page Design by Audrey Schiller.
Layout 4) I Will Love You Forever - Page design by Rebecca Ludens.
Layout 5) A Rose from Daddy - Page design by Dianne.
Layout 6) "Grandma" Means Love - Page design by Donna Lehr.
Layout 7) Mon Cheri - Page design by Francine Clouden.
Layout 8) Valentine's Day - Page design by Jenn Okonek.
Layout 9) I Love You Mum - Page design by Vicki Mathews from Australia.
Layout 10) Kyle & Kitty - Page design by Vicki L.
Layout 11) I Love You - Page design by Sarita Schraeder.
Layout 12) "Love is what makes the ride worthwhile". - Page design by Sherry from California.
Layout 13) Hook, Line, and Sinker - Page design by Kristi Wilson.
Layout 14) The Many Moods of Brenden  - Page design by Kim Ethington.
Layout 15) Adorable Little Valentine - Page design by Karen from South Carolina.
Layout 16) Valentine's Page using a Library Card Pocket - Design by Becky Poland. Becky turned her Valentine's Day layout into an article. Read the full instructions and find a free template for the card pocket by clicking here.

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