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Getting Creative with Sizzix

The "Thinking Outside of the Box" Challenge

The scrapbookers on the About Scrapbooking Forum are an incredibly creative group. When they started thinking of new ways to use their Sizzix dies, I challenged them to submit ideas for an article. The wonderful folks at Sizzix joined in and turned our challenge into a contest with dies as prizes for three lucky winners. This list is intended to spark your own creativity. Use the ideas seen here on your layouts or be inspired to use the dies that you may have in new and different ways! You can find more ideas on the Sizzix project and ideas pages.

Cloud Dies and Bare Tree Die

When she needs her die cuts to be much larger on the page, Rose scans the die cuts into her computer. She can then resize the shapes, print them on colored cardstock and cut them out. Here she used the bare tree die and both shapes of cloud dies to make a fanciful tree swing.

Sunflower Die

Layering die cuts allows you to make shaker boxes with fun foam. Find the step by step here.

Balloon Die

Balloons are so handy to have for party and celebration pages, but have you every turned a balloon into a duck? The head is the round balloon die cut, the body is cut by hand.

Letter "O" - From Shadow Alphabet

Need a donut, and round piece of cereal, or a bagel with cream cheese? Just die cut some O's.

Any Alphabet Dies

You can always customize your letter dies by layering and trimming. See how this Shadow Alphabet "A" has been transformed into several different looks.

Watermelon Die

The inside of the watermelon die can be used to make cherry or any other fruit pie by cutting 2 in brown; fitting a piece of "fruit" colored paper under and then mounting on a darker brown and cutting a wavy "crust" edge.

Sun Die

What to do with a Sun die, why make Sun-flowers of course! Simply die cut suns from different colors and patterns of paper, punch out the perforated centers and switch them.

Balloon Die

Cut a long balloon die cut from black paper and detail with a white gel pen to make a fun, floating inner tube.

Wagon Die

Need a train car to go with your train engine die? Simply trim off the handles of wagon die cuts and you have as many cars as your engine can pull.

Gift Box Die

Cut out a portion of this die cut to make a table.

Bare Tree Die

A reindeer from a tree?! Tilt the tree die cut, add a red nose and some drawn on details and Rudy appears.

Frame Die

Any of the frame dies makes great photo corners by cutting the desired size corner from the frame as shown. You can change the look of the corners depending on what material you cut the frame out of, for example you could use matching fabrics; velvet or suede paper; silks and linens; cork; metal or metal look paper. Virtually any layout you can come up with, you could make matching photo corners.

Fence Die

But simply trimming a fence die cut you can create a ladder, or filmstrip, or train tracks.

Butterfly Die & Large Tulip Die

Add angel wings to your paper dolls by layering them on a butterfly die cut. For smaller paper dolls you can use the tulip die.

Letter "I" - Shadow Alphabet

A stunning brick wall border can be easily created from the background of the letter I from the Shadow Alphabet.

Scallop Frame

Add a ruffled edge to a party dress by trimming a section of the scallop frame.

Letter "L" - Shadow Alphabet Background Die

By layering L's you can add a sleek staircase to your layouts. This would be especially perfect for house building or remodeling pages.

Tag Die

A great idea for boy pages - Use your tag die to create a funky rocket ship!

Candle Die

Use some clear vellum to flip a candle over into a drinking glass.

Circle Dies & Letter "U" - Lollipop Alphabet

Cut four 1 3/8" circles from the circle set die and layer them to create a cute "bookworm" or caterpillar. Add a "U" for antennae.

Hand Die

A turkey for your Thanksgiving pages or child's Fall artwork layouts is easily made with layered hands.

Flower Pot Die

Make adorable hats for all occasions - birthday parties, New Year's Eve, winter, etc. - simply by embellishing an upside down flower pot die cut.

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