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Scrapbooking with Mini Envelopes
by Angie Felix for Hot Off the Press

Flip through the pages of your favorite scrapbook magazine and you'll notice something: Paper clips, paper fasteners (a.k.a. brads), staples, mini envelopes and more. Typically found in office supply stores, these items have joined the ranks of other favorite scrapbooking products and found their way into crafting stores around the world.

Making Your Own Mini Envelope

Mini envelopes in particular have taken the paper crafting world by storm. Their smaller size makes them perfect as accents on a variety of projects and their convenient little pockets make them great for holding little treasures. Even better? You can make these mini envelopes or pockets yourself using a template, which means you can create cute embellishments that perfectly coordinate with your project! From page accents and card focals, you'll love the way mini envelopes look on your pages. Here's how you can make your own, and some tips and techniques for incorporating them into your projects:

To make your own mini envelopes, grab a template then trace, cut, fold and glue!
1. First select the template and the pattern on the template. (To get you started a free pattern is included at the end of this article.)
2. Select the paper you wish to make your envelope from and place it white side up. Use a pen or pencil to trace the envelope shape from the template onto your paper.
3. Next, use scissors or an X-acto® knife to cut out the envelope shape (being careful not to cut on the fold lines).
4. Fold the flaps of the envelope in toward the center, using the marked fold lines. Glue the bottom flap to the side flaps to hold the envelope together and fold the top flap down if desired.
5. Decorate or add to a page or other project as desired.

Decorative Accents

Mini envelopes are the perfect size for a decorative accent on a layout or a card design. On this 8"x8" winter layout, LeNae created a unique border across the bottom of the page by mixing several elements, including two different mini envelope shapes. She traced each of the envelopes onto different paper from the Mini Envelopes #3 Template, then inked the edges and folded and glued the envelopes together.

LeNae arranged the envelopes together with two circular snowflake cut-outs and a tag. To add dimension and interest, she tied white grosgrain ribbon around the dotted paper envelope and added a snowflake brad to the flap of the blue textured envelope. A small snowflake cut-out adds even more dimension, while the border balances out the page.

Pockets and Pictures

The wonderful little pocket portion of a mini envelope also provides an opportunity to add something extra to your page. Here LeNae used the Pockets & Tags Template to create a page showing special holiday memories.

LeNae used the template to create two pockets. The first holds a matted photo of the Evans girls. The photo is barely tucked into the pocket at the bottom and has a ribbon tab at the top as the top of the photo "tag." Mini envelopes and pockets are also great for tucking journaling into or holding a small keepsake item like a coin, ticket or other small memorabilia.

For the second pocket, LeNae created the pocket from paper, then covered the front panel another photo. She made a slit in the top portion of the photo to tuck the tab of the pocket's top flap into. It's a unique way to add a fun, personalized embellishment!

Envelopes On Their Own

Not only are mini envelopes and pockets great as card or page accents, they're also wonderful stand alone projects.

This holiday mini envelope and tag are the perfect way to present a gift card or a special note as a present, but also work great as accents on holiday pages and cards. LeNae used Susan's Office Envelopes Template to create this elongated envelope, then accented it with additional patterned paper wrapped around and a holiday overlay cut-out. A small tag was also created from the template, serving as a gift tag.

Like the look of a mini envelope or pocket accent? Try including one in your next project using this free pattern from Hot Off the Press-you'll love the results!

Free Envelope Pattern for Scrapbookers

To save this pattern to your computer, simply right click the image and select "save as." Save the image to a folder on your computer and then later you can print it out any size you wish for future projects.

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