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12x12 Scrapbooking Paper Storage

Solutions For At Home Paper Storage
Part III: Filing Cabinets and Home Scrapbook Furniture

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Filing Cabinets and Furniture

Some of you are looking for more substantial fixtures and organization systems to fill out your new scrapbook work space. Many companies now offer file cabinets and furniture designed specifically for the scrapbooker.

Display Dynamics:

The Mobile Paper Cabinet from Display Dynamics has nice deep drawers, durable casters on the bottom to allow ease of moving the unit, and a slide out mini-table perfect for a small die-cutting station or additional workspace.

The Mini-Paper Station is a small version of the types of paper storage you see in retail stores. This 10 tray unit is perfect for store those projects that you currently want to be working on, or for organizing paper on your desk top.

And for those of you looking for a major piece of scrapbooking furniture, The Crafter's Cabinet and Scrapbook Station both offer organized space that can be closed when not in use. I have the Crafter's Cabinet in my scrapbook room and love that I can adjust the shelves to accommodate all of my 12x12 albums. The drawers are perfect for all of my dies and die cutting systems and the cabinet has a table surface the slides out for additional workspace.

The Paper Station (see photo on the right) is the exact same paper display used in stores nationwide. It holds 30 12x12 trays and looks fabulous in any scrapbook space. This unit actually takes up a very small amount of floor space, making it perfect for elegantly storing a large amount of paper in a smaller scrapbook room.

Leeco Industries/Cropper Hopper:

Leeco's new line of stacking storage units include: A Two Drawer Unit that will organize your photos, die-cuts, and embellishments; a File Cube that holds 12x12 hanging file folders; and a basic Cube that will hold all of the vertical storage products that Leeco offers. These cubes can be combined in a wide variety of ways to turn anything from a closet to a large room into a custom scrapbooking space.

For Keeps Sake Furniture:

The Creation Station from For Keeps Sake was designed with the scrapbooker and rubberstamper in mind. This complete home crafting unit comes in a variety of finishes and would turn any room into a scrapbook room.

Scrap N Cube:

You can organize all of your craft supplies in modular cube unit from ScrapNCube. These custom designed units look gorgeous and are interchangeable so you can add pieces as your budget allows.

For more paper organization ideas or to share your paper storage solutions with other scrapbookers come chat with us on the About.com Scrapbooking Forum.

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