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Technique Challenge: Printing Textured Words

Computer Printed Text Can Add Texture and Dimension to Your Layouts
by Your Guide to Scrapbooking Rebecca Ludens

Words are THE hot scrapbooking embellishment. Words on cork, on wood, on military ID tags, etc. They are everywhere. This month's Technique Challenge is intended to inspire you to try printing your own words on a variety of surfaces.


  • Sheet Cork - thin, can be found at your local craft store
  • Cross Stitch fabric - any size (although the more squares per inch is easier to work with)
  • Anything else that is flat and inspires you to experiment - such as: fabric ribbon, paper ribbons, denim, muslin, etc.
  • Photo Tape - 3L
  • Computer Printer - please note: not all printers are set up to allow the thickness of fabric taped to cardstock. It will work especially well with printers that feed the paper directly through the machine without having to roll it over (in other words, top feed paper trays may work better with this technique). Please use caution to avoid damaging your printer.


  1. Print words on white cardstock. You need this heavier weight paper to support the other items you wish to print on to.
  2. Use Photo Tape to adhere the cork, ribbon, or fabric directly over the top of the words you printed on the cardstock. Only tape around the edges.
  3. Place the sheet in the printer and print again. The words will print in exactly the same place on the sheet, thus they will now print on top of whatever surface you taped in place. See scan to the right.
  4. Carefully peel the ribbon, fabric, or cork off of the cardstock. The Photo Tape will want to adhere to the cardstock more than to the other items so if you peel slowly, you can usually remove your items leaving the tape on the paper, which can now be thrown away.
  5. Use your words on borders, tags, cards, in your journaling on pages, and more. See sample tag page topper below.

Tip: Cut your cross stitch fabric words out leaving extra fabric around each word. You can then "fray" the edges by removing threads of the fabric on each side.

Bonus Tip: Once you have mastered printing on different surfaces, try printing definitions, or quotes on to fabric or cork.


Materials Used in Sample Border:

  • Weathered Cardstock - The Paper Loft
  • Cork Sheets - Hot Off the Press
  • Copper Mini Brads - Scrap Arts
  • Tag Die - Sizzix
  • Fibers - EK Success Adornaments

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