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15 School Scrapbook Page Layouts

Scrapbook Page Ideas for School Photos

This collection of scrapbook page layouts from several scrapbookers on the About Scrapbooking Forum, along with layouts from Rebecca and other contributors to the About Scrapbooking site, contains pages that showcase school photos. These layouts cover every stage from Preschool to Graduation. You are sure to find some ideas that you can "scrap-lift," or borrow, for future scrapbooking. Click on the layout or the title to see the pages larger and in greater detail.

Layout 1) Advice for the Graduate - Page design by The Vintage Workshop. This unique school page has pockets for 10 tags worth of advice from family and friends.
Layout 2) GRADUATE Poem - Page Design by Michele Mazine from Boundless Memories. GRADUATE is an acrostic poem layout that spotlights a graduation picture and characteristics of the graduate! See more details for this layout and others in the Graduation Scrapbook Pages article.
Layout 3) The K Files - Page Design by Michele Mazine. Another fun layout from Boundless Memories.
Layout 4) Back to School - Boy Page - Page design from Hot Off the Press. No one has more great ideas for using patterned papers than Hot Off the Press. This layout combines several different patterns and colors to create one cohesive page design.
Layout 5) Back to School - Girl Page - Page design from Hot Off the Press. Is your school age child a girl? Don't worry, Hot Off the Press designers created a "girl version" of the layout above, just for you. Read the whole article about adapting a page for either a boy or girl here.
Layout 6) School Bus - Page design by Rebecca. This is a page the I made with my daughter. It is a fun 8.5"x11" page for her school scrapbook.
Layout 7) School Pocket Page - Page design by Joanna Campbell Slan. Joanna specializes in giving us fabulous ideas for journaling. This layout also gives you a place to store important school documents. Find the whole article from Joanna by clicking here.
Layout 8) First Day of Kindergarten - Page design by Sariena. Beautiful school pages do not have to all be done in primary colors. This one is most definitely pretty in pink.
Layout 9) Preschool - Page design by Lizzie from Australia. Sometimes it's difficult to come up with ideas for pages that contain class photos. This simple use of stickers is a fabulous idea.
Layout 10) Preschool - Page design by Lizzie. This is page two of Lizzie's preschool page, but each page has such easy, great ideas, I wanted to feature them separately so that you could easily see the details.
Layout 11) A+ Kid - Page design by Nicole. Combining paper piecing, stickers, and tags, Nicole created an adorable school page.
Layout 12) School Words - Page design by Jennifer. Words are the perfect graphic design element. Jennifer used a variety of fonts and two colors of cardstock to make a quick and easy layout.
Layout 13) School Portrait - Page design by Jennifer. Label makers are the greatest scrapbook tool. See how Jennifer used one on this easy-to-copy layout.
Layout 14) An Artiste at Work - Page design by Darcy. An original paper piecing sets off this adorable pre-school art scrapbook page.
Layout 15) Preschool - Page design by Hattie. This simple page showcases her son's self-portrait from preschool - what a great memory!

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