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Totally Tag Art - Christmas Tags

More Scrapbooking Tag Ideas
From Hot Off the Press


What a quick and easy layout during a rushed holiday season.  You could even use the front of the card, with the pocket, to hold your annual Christmas letter.
(Click on samples to see then in greater detail.)

Shauna’s tip: "This is the perfect Christmas card for fellow scrappers, all they have to do is get some Christmas Collage Paper of their own, and they can place both your holiday photo and the tag art on their layout, and they are done!"

 In Shauna’s Supply Box: 

  • all paper from Paper Pizazz™

  • Tags from Tag Art Cut-Outs™

  • 6mm gold jingle bells:  Westrim® Crafts

  • Fibers: Adornments

  • 3/16” gold eyelet: Stamp Studio

  • Scotch® Brand foam mounting tape


  1. Place a gold eyelet in the tag.

  2. String fibers through and tie.

  3. Tie the jingle bells to several fiber ends at various lengths.

  4. Journal on the white vellum, tear, and adhere it to the tag.

  5. Place foam tape on the back of the tag and adhere it to the card front as shown.


These recipe tags will sweeten up anybody’s holiday!

Shauna’s tip: "These tags can be used in a scrapbook afterwards, with photos of the gift recipient enjoying the cookies. So the tag is a gift in itself."

In Shauna’s Supply Box:

  • all papers from Paper Pizazz™

  • Tags from Tag Art #2 Cut-Outs™

  • red buttons: Magic Scraps™ (Paper Wishes)

  • silver spoon charm: Axelrod

  • 1/8” red ribbon: Wrights

  • 5/16” red ribbon: Offray

  • Glue Dots™

  • 1/8” white eyelets: Magic Scraps™ (Paper Wishes)

  • 3/16” white eyelets: Stamp Studio


  1. Place white eyelets at the top of each tag.

  2. For the large tag, journal on white vellum, tear around the edges and adhere it to the tag using white eyelets.

  3. Glue the holly Cut-Out™ on the tag.

  4. Glue mini buttons over the holly on each tag.

  5. Using Glue Dots™, adhere the silver spoon and the bow to the tag as shown.

  6. Thread red ribbon through the eyelets and tie in a bow.

Ask for Hot Off the Press' Tag Art Cut Outs™ and Tag Art #2 Cut-Outs™ at your local scrapbook retailer or visit www.paperpizazz.com.

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