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1/24/03 - Hand Lettered Titles with Templates
This was the first of the popular Technique Challenge series. It was originally posted only on the Forum, now you can find the instructions and the sample here.

1/22/03 - Lattice Pages
This unique technique from Design Originals can be used on a variety of themed scrapbook pages. It is perfect for displaying memorabilia such as ticket stubs, award ribbons, post-cards, and more. Try this one on your next layout.

1/17/03 - Technique Challenge: Layered Lettering
Learn how to make layered titles using lettering templates or die cut letters. Join in on the challenge!

1/10/03 - January Story Starters
Read about Joanna Campbell Slan's recent brush with her own mortality and hear how it has changed her perspective on scrapbooking. Always inspiring - Don't miss Joanna's monthly journaling article.

12/29/02 - Totally Tag Art
Christmas Cookies, New Year's Resolutions, and more are the focus of this creative Tag Art article from Hot Off the Press.

12/23/02 - Paper Piecing by the Numbers: Sammy Snowman
Nannette Gutierrez once again provides About Scrapbooking readers with a terrific original paper piecing pattern and great tips to help you create it.

12/14/02 - Technique Challenge: Jeweled Snowflakes for Scrapbooking
This fun "how-to" article provides step by step instructions to help you create gorgeous snowflakes for Winter layouts.

12/01/02 - December Story Starters
Learn how everyday events can inspire your scrapbook journaling, from our journaling guru Joanna Campbell Slan.

11/26/02 - November Story Starters
Joanna focuses on thinking back to Halloween and the right to vote this month in her journaling series.

11/23/02 - Dress Up Your Thanksgiving Pages with Punch Art
This excerpt from Design Originals' new book Punchin' Fun gives instructions to help you create fun Thanksgiving page embellishments from punchies.

11/15/02 - Thanksgiving Goodies
This updated article provides links to FREE stuff all over the internet for scrapbookers to use on their Thanksgiving page layouts.

11/14/02 - Chat Transcripts from the Chat with Lisa Bearnson
We had a terrific time with Lisa when she visited the About Scrapbooking chat room. You can read the questions and answers here!

10/29/02 - Heritage Scrapbooking Without Pictures
Your Family Legacy provides ideas for pages that may seem very difficult - those that you do not have any pictures for.

10/19/02 - Embossing Designs On Metal for Scrapbooking
Learn how to create beautiful metal embossed embellishments for your pages from ScrapGoods.

10/6/02 - What You Need to Know About: Paper Piecing
Find everything you need to get started with paper piecing including where to find a pattern, how to select a pattern, tips, and how-to's.

10/02/02 - October Story Starters
More terrific journaling inspiration from Joanna Campbell Slan. This month's article focuses on Expectations and Predictability.

09/22/02 - Adapting a Layout: Scrapbooking Boy and Girl School Pages
Have you found just the right idea for a page you want to do but have no idea how to adapt that idea to your specific photos and theme? This article from Hot Off the Press takes a page designed for school pictures of a 12 year old girl and shows how to adapt that page for boy pictures.

09/14/02 - September Story Starters
This month's journaling ideas focus on: Newspaper Carrier Day, The Tragedy of 9-11 Remembered, and much more.

09/12/02 - Frolicking Fall Pumpkins
This charming pattern is perfect for fun Fall pages. If you have never tried paper piecing elements for your scrapbook pages, this is an ideal pattern to use to try out this fun technique. So enjoy this free pattern as Summer turns to Fall.

09/05/02 - Remembering and Scrapbooking 9-11
The question that I need to ask you on this anniversary of the horrific events of September 11, 2001, is "Have you included these historic events in your scrapbook?" Now is the time to begin work on this project if you have not been able to so far.

08/20/02 - Magic With Vellum Translucents
Record the days of your good old summer time with this fun vellum overlay. Use clear or embossed Vellum paper to create the look of lemonade. The layers of vellum ice cubes and slices of lemon add realistic depth and dimension to the designs. When it all comes together, like magic, "The Good Old Summer Time" has arrived!

08/13/02 - Back to School Scrapbookers Resources
This collection of resources will inspire you to create beautiful school scrapbook pages filled with memories that are certain to outlast your child's school career. Whether you are looking for photo tips, paper piecing ideas, or where to buy the newest school days scrapbooking idea book, this list is a great place to start!

08/06/02 - August Story Starters
This month's journaling and page ideas focus on: The Anniversary of the Internet, Orville Wright's Birthday, and much more! Don't miss this month's new Hip Tip.

07/30/02 - Darling Dimensional Details
Three-dimensional embellishments add depth and fun to a scrapbook page. They’re all the rage in scrapbooking circles, so we asked scrapbook designer Lisa Garcia-Bergstedt to share a few of her favorites from the book 102 Ideas for 3-D Embellishments.

07/23/02 - Sewn Window Boxes
A bit of snow in July is what you will find in this fabulous article by guest author Jenna Tomalka. Learn how she makes this beautiful sewn title, journaling, and photo windows.

07/15/02 - July Story Starters from Joanna Slan
This month's edition of this inspiring journaling series focuses on: Anti-Boredom Month, Ice Cream Month, and much more!

07/10/02 - July Technique Challenge
Try these fun Patriotic Pinwheels and then come post your finished project on the Forum!

07/04/02 - July 4th Resources for Scrapbookers
This revised list of patterns and freebies for scrapbookers is sure to give you inspiration for your patriotic pages.

07/01/02 - Getting Started Using Fibers
You may be ready to get started using yarns and fibers on your pages but don't know where to begin. These simple tips and tricks will help you add some dimension to your layouts. The best part is that using fibers is much easier than you may have thought.

06/25/02 - Making Lumpy Scrapbook Pages
“Lumpy” pages—those album pages using three-dimensional accessories, from ribbons and bows to wire, eyelets, brads and foam mounting tape—are all the rage in scrapbook circles. What do YOU need to know about making lumpy scrapbook pages? We’ll tell you.

06/14/02 - Scrapbook Cruising Fiesta Style
Scrapbooking and cruising - two separate entities or can they be paired for the perfect scrapbooker's getaway vacation? What I was pleasantly surprised to discover is that this is the marriage of two fabulous pastimes that work together perfectly.

06/05/02 - June Story Starters
Journaling ideas this month are all about National Adopt a Cat Month, Block parties, and Father's Day.

05/25/02 - Sunflower Shaped Shaker Boxes
Shaker boxes have become very popular with scrapbookers learn how to make this unique twist on this technique.

05/14/02 - CKU In San Antonio
Sororities, pom-poms, banners, cheers, classes, graduation caps, and scrapbooking? Yes, all of these elements combine to create the ultimate "college" experience for the dedicated scrapbooker - Creating Keepsakes University.

05/11/02 - May Story Starters
Journaling ideas this month center around The Godiva Procession, The Golden Gate Bridge opening, The Green Man, and more from Joanna Slan.

05/04/02 - Sisters: Quick and Easy Page Idea
Color blocking, paper clips, and patterned paper combine to make a fun and easy page layout from Joanna Slan.

04/25/02 - Mixing Patterned Paper on Heritage Layouts
Great article from Hot Off the Press shows some examples how of effective mixing patterned paper can be on your layouts.

04/05/02 - April Story Starters
This month's journaling ideas focus on April Fool's Day, the birthday of Hans Christian Andersen, Motherhood and Beauty Day in Armenia, and Arbor Day.

04/04/02 - Road Thrill: Quick and Easy Scrapbook Page
Find out how something as simple as torn paper can make a very effective scrapbook page border.

03/29/02 - Story Starters for March
Joanna Slan's monthly celebration of journaling ideas focuses on more unusual topics for a twist this month.

03/28/02 - Easter Egg Font from Provo Craft
Provo Craft, makers of Hugware, have provided this adorable FREE font for About Scrapbooking readers.

03/20/02 - Vellum and Eyelets
"It’s clear: versatile vellum papers are the hottest thing in scrapbooking! And if there’s one tool scrappers have fallen in love with, it’s eyelets. What happens when we combine these two hot techniques on one album page? The results are fantastic—take a look at the album page created by scrapbook specialist and teacher Arlene Peterson."

03/14/02 - Heritage Theme Albums
"Although many of us gather lots of family heritage facts, we don’t necessarily give time to creative ways of displaying it." Your Family Legacy suggests that we "try thinking of your heritage from a theme standpoint." Get some great ideas for your Heritage Albums from this informative article.

03/08/02 - Acid: What's the Big Deal?
Stamp collectors, archival preservationists, and professionals in the aerospace and engineering fields have known for quite some time now that the acid on our hands is dangerous to sensitive materials over time. Now the makers of Hands Off tell us about how it affects scrapbooking.

02/20/02 - Perfect Paper Piecing with HugWare
By using a black and white HugWare image to create paper-piecing patterns, you can print multiple images, piece them together, and create the perfect dimensional embellishment for any page! Terrific article from the pcHugClub.

02/13/02 - Reading With Dad: Focus on Family Moments
Has your focus been renewed or altered in a positive way since 9-11? Have you decided to go ahead with a long held dream? Have you simply re-evaluated the importance of the things that have been taking up so much time in your life? Find a way to capture this resolve on a scrapbook page. Click here for ideas!

02/07/02 - Photo Weaving
Discover a unique technique to add textures to your photos. Step-by-step instructions by guest writer Jenna Franklin.

02/06/02 - HIA 2002 Top Picks
Every year the scrapbook industry rolls out its newest and best products for the Hobby Industry Association trade show. In Anaheim, California, this year was no exception. Below is the list of some of my favorite products from HIA 2002.

01/31/02 - Creating Keepsakes Reader's Choice Awards
At a "Superbowl" event last Monday night in Anaheim, California Creating Keepsakes announced the 2002 Readers' Choice Awards winners. Click here to see the complete list and find out if your favorite company or product scored a "touchdown!"

01/24/02 - Cropping In Utopia
Read all about Rebecca's weekend at Crop Utopia, a scrapbook retreat in Michigan.

01/15/02 - January Story Starters
This month's Story Starters from Joanna Slan focus on: Returning Mis-Matched Gifts, Learning a New Skill Resolution, Trying a New Product, and Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

01/05/02 - Snow Kid Paper Piecing Pattern
Hot Off The Press and About.com Scrapbooking are delighted to share a FREE paper piecing pattern with you.

01/01/02 - Trends In Photo Cropping
Trimming your photographs is one of the first things that most scrapbookers are taught. Here are three cropping methods to consider before you cut into your very next photo.

12/22/01 - December Story Starters
Holiday journaling ideas from one of our favorite authors, Joanna Campbell Slan.

12/15/01 - Holiday Free Stuff for Scrapbookers
This holiday favorite article has been updated with new links to even more free stuff on the internet for scrapbookers!

12/08/01 - Tips for Perfect Holiday Photos
Ron Nichols, author of Picture-Taking for Moms and Dads, and How to Take Great Pet Pictures, encourages families to make the most of the holidays by capturing some of that joy on film. Here are a few ways Ron suggests to turn average holiday photos into “visual treasures.

11/30/01 - Software Review: Photo Express 4.0 My Scrapbook Edition
If you are looking for a quick and easy way to make great scrapbook pages right on your computer then this program from Ulead may be just the thing. Guest reviewer and forum member, Aubra, shares her insights about this program. Includes a price comparison link for online shopping and gift giving.

11/29/01 - November Story Starters
This month's edition of Joanna Slan's ongoing, popular series which inspires all of us to better journaling.

11/23/01 - Christmas Tree Double Fold-Back Greeting Card
Great article from Hot Off the Press gives you some ideas for homemade Christmas cards to celebrate the season.

11/17/01 - What You Need to Know: Weekend Scrapbook Retreats
Before you choose your first weekend scrapbook retreat, here are a few things you will want to consider.

11/06/01 - Fall Quick and Easy Page Idea
Another great page idea from Joanna Slan's Quick and Easy Pages series. This one focuses on using rubber stamping to economically create fabulous pages.

10/30/01 - Where to Find the Perfect Pattern
Step one in paper piecing: Finding a Pattern. This article by your guide gives you links to the obvious and the creative places to search for the perfect pattern.

10/23/01 - October Story Starters
This month's installment of this popular series by Joanna Campbell Slan focuses on United Nations' Day, Homework, Favorite Things, and Local Spooks. 

10/16/01  - Quilling for Scrapbookers
Looking for a new technique for your scrapbook pages? This article by author Patricia Nelson has step-by-step details telling you everything you need to know to get started!

09/29/01 - America Unites: Ideas for Including in Your Scrapbook the Memories of a Tragedy 
This sample page layout focuses not on the horrific events of September 11th themselves, but rather on how it has united the country. This is an important historic event and details of it should be kept for our children and our grandchildren, but how? Find help and encouragement for scrapbooking some very difficult pages in this article. Also,  includes links to information about preserving newspaper clippings.

09/08/01 - Ask Rebecca: Is Vellum Safe for My Scrapbooks?
This question and answer series continues with a look at a popular specialty paper - Vellum. Find out how you can know that it is safe and also find some great suggestions for using it!

09/03/01 - Back to School Pocket Page: Quick and Easy Page from Joanna Slan
Pocket pages make saving memorabilia so easy. Find a quick way to create your own pockets for many types of album pages.

09/01/01 - Charming Chalking
Tips, techniques, and projects using chalks from Hot Off the Press. This article is great for anyone wanting to know more about using chalks for scrapbooking.

08/27/10 - Back to School Photo Taking Tips
Because the first day of school can create anxiety for both students and parents, Ron Nichols, author of "Picture-Taking for Moms and Dads," (Amherst Media) shares some tips for creating cherished keepsakes on film without creating unnecessary stress.

08/24/01 - August Story Starters
Noted Journaling Guru, Joanna Campbell Slan once again provides us with witty and thought provoking journaling, page layout, and photo starter ideas. 

08/17/01 - Ten Tips for Taking Great Family Photographs
Author of the book "Picture Taking for Moms and Dads" (Amherst Media), Ron Nichols, says that most family photographs can be markedly improved with just a little extra effort. These tips are among his book's simple recipes for picture-taking success.

08/07/01 - Journaling Your Memories
Guest article from Your Family Legacy gives helpful tips to help you capture more of the most important elements of your scrapbooks - the words.

07/31/01 - Are You Addicted to Scrapbooking?
Read there hilarious reasons that other scrapbookers believe they just may indeed be addicted to their favorite hobby and see how well you can relate to their experiences.

07/20/01 - Summer Fun: Free Paper Piecing Pattern
Perfect Summer layout and pattern for anyone who has been wanting to get started paper piecing. If you think that you can't paper piece or that it simply takes too much time, this is the pattern for you to try! It was designed by a scrapbook instructor especially for scrapbookers like you.

07/04/01 - One Stop July 4th Celebration Resources
This is the place to find layout ideas, paper piecing patterns, and paper dolls all centered around American Independence Day.

06/30/01 - June Quick and Easy Page Idea
Part two of this series of articles shows how to create a fun summer page, letting the paper do some of the work for you.

06/22/01 - #1 Dad Free Paper Piecing Pattern
Cool Clip Art provided About.com Scrapbooking readers with this great Father's Day pattern! This is one of a series of fun Bears from Cool Clip Art.

06/15/01 - Fabulous Pages Made Easy with The Best of Creative Lettering Combo CD
Creating Keepsakes' Creative Lettering software makes beautiful pages quick and easy!

06/08/01 -Everything's Coming Up Roses
Paper Piecing instructions and tips from Hot Off the Press. This article includes a FREE paper piecing pattern of a lovely long stem rose from their book 201 Paper Piecing Patterns.

06/01/01 - Creating Elegant Pages with Folded Photo Corners
An elegant paper folding technique is taught in this article which will help you make gorgeous pages. The sample layout is a Summertime theme and you won't want to miss it!

05/25/01 - May Quick and Easy Page Idea
The first of an ongoing series by journaling guru Joanna Campbell Slan. This month's page features Page Flippers from Paper Adventures! 

05/25/01 - Chat Transcripts
If you missed the Journaling Chat with Joanna Slan, here is your chance to read up on all the information that we discussed. The question/answer format is terrific for finding the answers to your own questions.

05/18/01 - All About Vellum
Everything you need to know about vellum including page layout ideas, tips, and techniques from Hot Off the Press.

05/11/01 - A Mother's Day Hug
Two absolutely adorable Free Mother's Day teddy bear paper piecing patterns from Cool Clip Art.

04/29/01 - The High School Locker
Free paper piecing pattern and sample layout from The Gratiae perfect for high school and graduation pages.

04/21/01 - Creating a Scene With Stickers
Fun article by Hot Off The Press which shows tips and techniques for using stickers effectively in your layouts.

04/13/01 - Journaling With Speed and Ease: Part III - Pre-writing: The Key to Faster and More Satisfying Journaling
The final part of this wonderful article by Joanna Slan details how "Pre-writing" will improve your journaling, making it better, faster, and more detailed.

04/06/01 - Journaling With Speed and Ease: Part II - How To Divide and Conquer
Part II of the article by Joanna Slan focuses on specific techniques for saving journaling space on your scrapbook layouts.

03/30/01 - Journaling With Speed and Ease: Part I - Doing the Splits
This article by noted scrapbook journaling author, Joanna Campbell Slan, teaches how "You'll journal and scrapbook with more speed and ease if you divide your scrapbook page making activities into two tasks, page layout and journaling."

03/27/01 - To Copy Or Not To Copy: Copyright Information Every Scrapbooker Should Know
This article is important for all scrapbookers to read. It details the parts of the copyright laws that are significant for our craft and explains why they are important.

03/24/01 - Quick and Easy Pages: Book Review
This book is great for both new and experienced scrappers. Includes a link to FREE patterns online for projects found in the book!

03/17/01 - Luck Of The Irish Scrapbooker
Free resources for St. Patrick's Day pages, including a free paper piecing pattern provided by The Gratiae.

03/10/01 - Fun and Fabulous Vellum
Vellum resources from all over the internet. Everything from printing your journaling on vellum to using vellum for terrific paper piecing ideas can be found here.

03/02/01 - Vellum Stained Glass
Using vellum to create a beautiful stained glass border or frame is easier than you may think. This article includes a link to a diamond template that you can print for free to help you get started making gorgeous stained glass pages!

02/24/01 - Researching Old Photographs
Information for dating old photographs from Your Family Legacy.

02/16/01 - Encouraging Your Little Artist: Scrapbooking Your Child's Artwork
Tips for including your child's creative works of art in your family scrapbooks, includes a sample layout.

02/09/01 - Book Review: Making Heritage Scrapbook Pages
Guest reviewer Mary Schultz tells us all about a wonderful book for beginning and seasoned scrapbookers who want to create a beautiful heritage album.

02/02/01 - Holographic Scrapbooking
Reynolds introduces a brand new product line to scrapbookers, holographic self-adhesive and sticker sheets.

01/26/01 - Preserving Your Scrapbook Digitally
To coincide with recent discussions about scanners and digital cameras in weekly features and on the forum, this New Favorite Product Review focuses on a company called CD of Memories which will save your scrapbook to CD for you.

01/19/01 - Ask Rebecca: Is there an affordable 12x12 scanner?
This question has come up a lot on the forum. With a little research, I found an answer that I think you will like!

01/12/01 - Making an Impressive Image
Dry embossing with the new Empressor from Chatterbox is easier than ever before. If you have been wondering about this technique, now is the time to give it a try.

01/05/01 - Keeping Your Scrapbooking Resolutions
Helpful article focuses on goals and strategies to assist you in keeping up with your scrapbook promises to yourself for the next year.

12/29/00 - Winter Album Round-Up Part II
The second part of this two part feature covers strap hinge and post bound albums from several major manufacturers. It includes a price comparison list that you will find very interesting.

12/22/00 - Holiday Free Stuff for Scrapbookers
Are you looking for the perfect compliment to your Winter or Holiday pages? This article is a listing of fabulous resources available for scrapbookers on the internet.

12/15/00 - Winter Album Round-Up Part I
Reviews of albums from several major manufacturers to help you decide which one is best for you. Part I focuses on spiral, book, and 3-ring bound albums.

12/08/00 - Holiday Wishes: Gift Giving Guide for Scrapbookers
Everything for stocking stuffers to dream gifts can be found in this article which lists prices and includes links to online stores for easy shopping.

12/01/00 - Quick and Easy Paper Piecing
Using stencils makes paper piecing faster, easier, and therefore much more practical for the busy scrapbooker. See a great winter layout example and learn more about this exciting product.

11/24/00 - Ask Rebecca
A reader asks, "Is ink jet printer ink acid-free and permanent?" Read Rebecca's answer in this informative article.

11/17/00 - Half a Dozen Ways to Serve Up a Paper Turkey
Six quick and easy Thanksgiving page layouts using several different scrapbooking techniques.

11/10/00 - Thanksgiving Goodies
This article is a listing of fabulous resources available for scrapbookers on the internet. The best part about the things on this list is they are all free! So enjoy, print out some for future use, and get inspired to create terrific holiday pages.

11/03/00 - Spooktacular Pages
Three fun Halloween page layout ideas, with instructions, tips, and links to great page ideas on the internet.

10/27/00 - Treat Yourself: A Weekend at Camp Crop
The fabulous pictures of this scrapbook get-away will have you longing for a weekend of non-stop cropping by the shore. Includes a link to a great forum discussion about organizing your own weekend.

10/20/00 - Scrap and Spa: A Scrapbooker's Paradise
Non-stop weekend of cropping combined with terrific spa activities such as massages and manicures.  Read all about this dream weekend retreat.

10/12/00 - Your Family Legacy Articles
Five terrific articles from Your Family Legacy covering topics related to preserving your family history. Titles include: Choosing an Album, Interviewing Relatives, Photo and Document Preservation, and Autobiographical Writing.

10/7/00 - Everything's Coming Up Pumpkins
This fabulous border idea is great for pages that include Halloween, Harvest, or Pumpkin Patch pictures. Creating it uses several techniques that will give you valuable scrapbooking skills for future projects as well.

09/28/00 - Scrapbook Quilting: The Diamond Double Star
Fool all your friends into thinking that you are a scrapbook genius by adding this beautiful page to your albums. Using a diamond template, or by printing out the one provided in this article, you can create a beautiful quilted look page in your album.

09/21/00 - Creative Lettering Using Opaque Writers
The Zig Memory System Opaque Writers, by EK Success,  make creative lettering fun and easy. The technique illustrated here is simple, but can be used to create a host of different looks for your pages. 

09/14/00 - Olympic Scrapbooking
While scrapbooking has yet to become an Olympic event, the Olympics are certainly a scrapbooking event.  So here are some page ideas to get your ideas flowing.

09/06/00 - Photo Tinting With Photo Twins Markers
Have you been wanting to try your hand at tinting black and white photos? This article details a great product to make it easy and fun to try out tinting. Includes several samples of tinted photography.

08/31/00 - Fall Into Scrapbooking
Fall border idea with printable "FALL" lettering will make a great addition to your seasonal scrapbook pages.

08/25/00 - Breit Ideas
Page layout ideas with links to free printable graphics for all you Mary Englebreit fans. Includes several page layouts and fun ideas!

08/17/00 - Back To School Pages
Back to school pages mark important milestone in your child's life. Have your camera ready for the first day and get some great page ideas from this article. Includes 7 quick and simple layouts!

08/10/00 - Mulberry Paper: Fuzzy is Hot
Using Mulberry Paper allows you to add beautiful fuzzy edges and details to your scrapbook artwork. This article includes a sample page layout, tips, and techniques for using this specialty paper.

08/03/00 - Creating Your Own Paper Piecing Patterns
Learn how to turn any photo into a paper piecing pattern to make perfect scrapbook pages with custom made decorations. Includes a FREE paper piecing pattern for a hot air balloon.

07/27/00 - Scrapbook Quilting
Combine your love of two different crafts to create stunning page layouts using quilt patterns. Includes links to FREE quilt patterns available at About.

07/20/00 - Spinner Pages
Find out how to make fun pages that spin. Add an exciting new dimension to your pages with this great layout idea. Includes a fun summertime layout.

07/13/00 - Creative Borders
Learn to make fun borders for your scrapbook pages simply and easily using pens, stickers, and punches. Two fun color pages of border ideas included.

07/06/00 - Diamonds and Darkness
Diamond dust paper on dark colored cardstock backgrounds can be used to create stunning layouts in your albums. Includes a "Bedtime" layout and a "Fireworks" layout.

06/29/00 - Scrapbook Safety Quiz
The Scrapbook General encourages anyone participating in scrapbooking to protect their own album and the albums of others by practicing safe-scrapbooking. Take this quiz to find out if you are a safety expert.

06/22/00 - Paper Piecing
Paper piecing is a fun technique that adds color and pizzazz to your scrapbook pages. This article focuses on kits, circle and oval ideas, and paper dolls.

06/15/00 - Heritage Scrapbooking: Part III
The third part of this interview with Scrapbook Instructor Karin Dean focuses on journaling and memorabilia in heritage albums.

06/08/00 - Heritage Scrapbooking: Part II
The second part of this interview with Scrapbook Instructor Karin Dean focuses on artistic choices in heritage albums.

06/01/00 - Heritage Scrapbooking: Part I
The first part of a three part interview with Scrapbook Instructor Karin Dean about creating wonderful heritage albums.

05/24/00 - Scrapbooking with Chalks
How-to article which focuses on using chalks to decorate your die-cuts and add a special touch to your pages.

05/17/00 - Paper Folding
Paper folding is the hottest new trend in scrapbooking, and here are step-by-step illustrated instructions to help you get started.

05/08/00 - Sticker Titles
Ideas to help you jazz up your page titles using stickers that you probably already have.

04/28/00 - Scrapbook Conventions: What to Know If You Go
Tips from your guide that will help make your trip to a scrapbook convention a lot of fun.

04/19/00 - Three Easter Layouts
Three beautiful layouts to give you great ideas for Easter pages using velveteen paper, clip art, and sticker art.

04/01/00 - Border Art Instructions and Ideas
Detailed step-by-step instructions for creating great page borders including pictures and a page of bonus ideas.

03/05/00 - Spring Into Scrapbooking
Spring page ideas with helpful, printable resources including lettering, die cut shapes, and instructions.

02/20/00 - Quick and Simple Valentine's Day Page
Easy steps to follow to create a very cute page to display the pictures that you took on Valentine's Day.

02/13/00 - An ABC Album: A Gift for Generations
This "How-To" article, by your guide, details the steps involved in creating a basic ABC album as a gift book for a preschooler.

02/06/00 - Getting Caught Up and Staying That Way
Tips included in this article help you get organized, have fun, get caught up and remember the importance of scrapbooking for yourself and your family. 

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