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Rolled Paper Poinsettia for Scrapbooks and Cards


Rolled Paper Poinsettia - Step by Step Instructions
Quilling Flowers - Poinsettia

How to combine basic quilling shapes to make simple designs - Christmas Poinsettia.

Rebecca Ludens
Rolled paper flowers are made from strips of cardstock or patterned paper. This technique is actually a very simple version of quilling. You can find information about Supplies Needed for Quilling, How to Make 9 Basic Quilling Shapes, and Simple Quilling Designs: Snowman, Flower, Ducklings, and More, here on About.com Scrapbooking. For this flower, however, you can use supplies that you have on hand. By making the poinsettia from scrapbooking cardstock, it is very strong and hold up well in a scrapbook album.

Gather Supplies: For this rolled paper Christmas flower, you will need, red cardstock, green cardstock, yellow cardstock, liquid glue, toothpicks, and a little glitter (optional).

Step by Step Instructions:
1. Cut cardstock into strips. The strips shown here are 1/4 inch wide, you can, however, cut them to 1/8 inch wide if you want your finished piece to be shorter in profile on your scrapbook page. For the flower shown here, the yellow strip was cut to be slightly thinner than the red and green strips, allowing the center to look slightly sunken in the middle of the blossom. Cut all pieces to 12 inches long to make the very dense and full looking petals and leaves in the example. You will need: 7 red, 3 green, and 1 yellow.
2. Use your finger nail, a bone folder, or any tool that you use for rub-on's to scrap down one side of a strip to start to convince it that it "wants" to curl. This is done in the same way that you would scrap scissors down the length of a piece of curling ribbon.
3. Now that the strip is starting to curve, wrap one end tightly around a toothpick. Continue to roll the piece around the toothpick, keeping it tightly coiled.
4. For the yellow piece, carefully remove the toothpick from the center. Keep the coil rolled into a tight circle, and use a tiny drop of liquid glue to glue the end in place.
5. For the red and green strips, after you roll them, let the circle relax just slightly. Then, glue the end down. Continue until all of the strips have been rolled and glued into circles.
6. To create the leaf and petal shapes, simply pinch two sides of each green and red circle. The leaves and petals in this example, have a slight curve on one end. While pinching the two sides, carefully bend one end to the right. This will give that unique shape to each leaf and petal.
7. "Dry fit" the pieces before gluing them in place. This means, set all of the pieces where you will want them to be in the finished design without any gluing to see how they fit and how they line up with each other.
8. Once you are happy with where the pieces fit, use liquid glue to glue them in place.
9. Add a little glitter to the yellow center circle if you want to add a little holiday sparkle to the flower.
10. To make additional flower for groupings on your scrapbook pages, you may want to start with shorter strips to make smaller blossoms.

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