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Simple Quilling Designs to Make from Basic Shapes


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Basic Quilling Designs - The Daisy
Quilling Flowers - Daisy

How to combine basic quilling shapes to make simple quilling designs - the quilled daisy.

Rebecca Ludens
Flower designs are some of the most popular in quilling, especially for scrapbookers and card makers. This simple daisy design is made up of just two basic shapes - the tear drop and the tight coil. To begin, roll one, yellow, 4 inch quilling strip into a tight coil. Glue this piece and set it aside to dry. While that piece is drying, roll six 6 inch white strips. Allow these rolls to open and become a loose coil. Glue the ends. While the six, white, loose coils are drying, carefully pinch one end of each one, turning the loose coils into tear drop shapes. Allow these shapes to dry. To finish the daisy design, simply add glue to the back of each piece and place in a flower shape as shown here.

Technique to Note: The background for the flower was made using more quilling strips that have been woven together to make a decorative mat.

You can find a similar idea for making a quick rolled paper flower in the article Rolled Paper Flowers - Simple Quilling for Scrapbooking.
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