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Frame with Twine Scrapbook Wall Art - Embellishments and Photo Finish

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Scrapbooking does not have to be confined just to albums. The Picture Frame with Twine Tutorial shows you how to make a beautiful picture frame that is strung with cording. The steps below show you how to complete the picture frame and turn it into scrapbook wall art that records precious moments in your life.

1. Completed Frame with Twine Scrapbook Wall Art

Rebecca Ludens
Once you have made the base frame with twine, it is now time to choose a theme for the photos and embellishments. For the wall art shown here, I have chosen a fall theme, however any theme would work. The distressed white frame would look perfect with a beach or summer theme. It could be decorated with bright colored papers and photos for a birthday or party theme. Since the embellishments and photos are attached with string and clips, it is easy to change out this piece of wall art to fit with the season or occasion.

2. Mini Clothes Pins Hangers

Rebecca Ludens
My favorite way to hang items from the twine or cording on a picture frame is with mini clothes pins like those shown here. They are only and inch long, but the clips fit exactly over the cording and hold photos or embellishments. Check for these little clothes pins at your favorite local craft store or you can find them online from a wide variety of sellers.

3. Sticker Wall Art Embellishments

Rebecca Ludens
Sticker embellishments for hanging scrapbook pages need to be double sided so that when it spins around it will look the same on both sides. Look for sticker sets that have mirror image pieces so that you can stick them back to back to make a stronger, double-sided embellishment. The stickers shown here are Jolee's Dimensional Stickers by EK Success called Acorn Tree Vellum. To get started I cut a piece of the thin cording and placed approximately an inch of it on the sticky side of one of the leaf set stems. Then, I carefully placed the mirror image sticker over the top of the cording. I repeated these steps with another leaf and a pair of acorns to create a set of three hanging sticker embellishments. For more ideas for scrapbooking with stickers, be sure to visit the Sticker Challenge Gallery.

4. Crimped Paper Punch Embellishments

Rebecca Ludens
The fall leaves on this frame and twine wall art could have simply been punched from cardstock. To make them more interesting, however, I added a couple other quick techniques. To begin, cut a strip of patterned cardstock that is wide enough for the leaf punch. Run the strip of patterned cardstock through a paper crimper to give it texture and dimension. Once the paper has been crimped, then punch the leaves using a jumbo paper punch, or you can place the crimped paper in your favorite die-cut machine. The crimped paper leaves have been glued together in pairs with a piece of cording in the center so that they are easy to hang on the twine by tying or with mini clothes pins. You can also further embellish each leaf by simply adding a small button. The patterned papers ("Forest" and "Plaid") and solid cardstock used here are all from the We R Memory Keepers Yuletide Collection.

5. Mini Pine Cone Embellishments

Rebecca Ludens
One of the fun things about decorating a picture frame instead of a scrapbook page that goes in an album is that you can use much larger dimensional items. For this fall themed frame, I wanted to use some mini pine cones that I had on hand. To prepare the pine cones for use in the frame, I used the thinnest cord to gently tie a knot around the end of each pine cone. You can carefully weave the cording in among the layers of the cone. Once each of the pine cones have a cord tied on them, I gathered them together in sets of two or three.

6. Button and Twine Embellishments

Rebecca Ludens
Buttons make quick and easy scrapbook page embellishments. You can see eight ideas for using buttons on scrapbook pages in the Scrapbook Pages with Buttons Gallery. They can also be used for embellishing this picture frame wall art piece. To make buttons that will hang on the twine for this picture frame, I cut a 4-5 inch long piece of cording and threaded it through three buttons. After the final button had been threaded, I tied a knot to keep everything in place. If you want to make the buttons a more substantial embellishment in the frame, you can double them. Add a piece of double stick tape or a glue dot to the back of each threaded button and firmly press a matching button on to the adhesive.

7. Title and Journaling Embellished Card

Rebecca Ludens
The final touch for this scrapbook wall art is a title/journaling card. To begin, I cut a piece of cardstack to 3 inches by 4 inches and ran it through the crimper. I printed the title and the journaling on separate pieces of patterned cardstock and mounted them to the original crimped piece. To make this title/journaling card tie in with the rest of the finished piece, I embellished it with some buttons and one of the crimped leaves. For help running small pieces of cardstock through your printer for journaling boxes be sure to read How to Print on Tags, Journaling Boxes, and More.

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