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Quilling for Scrapbooking and Card Making


Quilling is a paper art form that has been around for more than a century. At its essence it is rolling strips of paper and using the rolls to create designs and images. You can learn many, many techniques for quilling if you want to get involved in this paper craft in depth. This listing, however, is an overview and a taste for scrapbookers, card makers, or other paper crafters who want to add a little quilling to their scrapbook pages, cards, or home décor. These fun basic techniques can be learned in seconds and then those skills can be used to create simple designs that add texture and interest to your projects.

If you want to learn even more about quilling than you can find out from the articles listed here, you can visit the North American Quilling Guild website.

1. Getting Started Quilling for Scrapbookers - Basic Supplies Needed

Rebecca Ludens
You do not need a lot of supplies to get started quilling, but there are a few basic tools that will be a big help to you. This article shows you the tools that you might want to pick up if you plan to do a lot of quilling but it also helps you with a quick list of "just the basics" for those of you who just want to give it a try for the fun a learning a new technique.

2. 9 Basic Quilling Shapes

Rebecca Ludens
There are literally dozens of recognized quilling shapes out there, however these nine shapes are some of the basics that you will need to know to create simple designs. Learn everything from a basic tight coil to a V Scroll (as shown here) with this handy how-to article.

3. Simple Quilling Designs

Quilling Flowers - Daisy
Rebecca Ludens
These quick and easy designs are perfect for adding just a touch of quilling to a scrapbook page or greeting card. The designs include a snowman, ducklings, a daisy (shown here), and fall leaves. Each of these designs would make an adorable border for a scrapbook page. Create several of them and line them up down the side of your next layout.

4. Elegant Christmas Poinsettias for Scrapbooks and Cards

Quilling Flowers - Poinsettia
Rebecca Ludens
This rolled paper poinsettia is designed with cardstock strips so that it can hold up on a scrapbook page or Christmas card. It could also be assembled and turned into a beautiful keepsake Christmas ornament.

5. Delicate Quilled Snowflake for Scrapbook Pages and Gift Giving

Rebecca Ludens
The snowflake is more delicate and looks extremely intricate. It is, however, still constucted with simple basic shapes and can be completed in minutes. Once again this shape would make a beautiful Christmas tree ornament.

6. Simple Rolled Paper Flowers

Rebecca Ludens
If you chose to do no other quilling, this is the quilling for the scrapbooker. Learn to make these simple, but lovely flowers for your scrapbook pages by following this step by step article. This is a fun new technique to add to your scrapbooking arsenal. The supplies are basic things that you most likely already have in your scrapbook stash and the step are simple and easy to follow.

7. Fall Leaves - Autumn in New York Scrapbook Page Idea

Patricia Nelson
This older article here on About.com Scrapbooking was written by Patricia Nelson the author of Creative Quilling for Scrapbooks. She walks you through step by step how to make a simple scrapbook page that feature fall leaves made with quilling. Each of the leaves uses some of the basic shapes listed in the article above.

8. Quilling Tips for Scrapbookers

Alison from the About.com Scrapbooking Forum wrote this list of quilling tips for scrapbookers. She includes such things as what supplies are needed, where does she get her inspiration for designs, and simple how-to's.

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