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Valentine's Day Mini Accordion Scrapbook or Card


Using a very small amount of supplies you can make an accordion style mini scrapbook as a gift for Valentine's Day or even as a Valentine's Day card. The book has room for tiny photos, titles, journaling, and mini embellishments. The pages are the perfect spot to include a list of the "Reasons I Love You" or "Why You Should Be My Valentine." This little book would also make a great purse-size brag book to give as a gift to a Mom or Grandma.

1. Finished Mini Accordion Heart Scrapbook or Card

Valentine's Day Scrapbook Ideas - Mini Heart-Shaped Accordion Scrapbook
Rebecca Ludens
This little book measures just three inches wide and three inches tall. It has six heart-shaped pages just big enough for a small photo or a thought or quote about love. You can make this book in under an hour and give it as a gift or even as a Valentine's Day card.

Supplies Used: On this sample book, I used pattern Paper from the BasicGrey Kissing Booth line, a bred from the BasicGrey Mixed Brads collection, and sheer white polka dot ribbon from Making Memories.

Step by Step Directions: Follow the steps below to make this adorable little book. Remember that you can click on the images to see them full-size for each step.

2. Free Heart Pattern for Scrapbooking

Free Heart Pattern for Scrapbooking
Jennifer Schmidt
This heart pattern has been designed to give you the maximum amount of space for photos, journaling, and embellishments. The heart shape is more rounded and less pointed to allow for that extra space. To get started creating the heart shaped scrapbook, you will want to save this free heart pattern for scrapbooking to your computer. Simply click on the image shown here to see it full size. Then, right click on the full size pattern and select "save as" to save it to your computer. For more free patterns for scrapbooking be sure to visit, Free Scrapbook Page Embellishment Patterns. This heart pattern was also used to make a much larger heart-shaped book for Valentine's Day.

3. Tracing the Covers

To get started making the book, print the pattern out so that the heart is 3 inches wide (making it also right around 3 inches tall). I usually print my patterns on cover stock (heavy weight paper) so that they are sturdy enough to be used for tracing.

Next, trace the heart pattern on chipboard or matboard two times. These will be the front and back covers of your book. You can trace two additional hearts from patterned paper to cover the outsides of the front and back covers. The insides will be covered when you attach the inside pages.

4. Cut and Fold the Inside Pages

To make accordion folded inside pages for the book, you will begin by cutting a strip of patterned cardstock weight paper on your trimmer that is 12 inches long by 3 1/2 inches wide.

Next, fold the strip every 2 3/4 inches. This will give you four sections with a little bit extra. Trim off the extra bit, leaving your folded strip looking like the one shown here in this photo.

5. Trace the Pattern on the Pages

Lay your heart pattern over the folded strip of patterned cardstock so that the two sides hang off over the folded edges just slightly as shown here. Carefully trace the heart shape.

6. Cut Out the Pages

When you cut out the pages, you will see that the pattern left about one inch of space on each side where the heart pattern went off over the edge. DO NOT CUT those sections. Leave those intact so that the pages will all be attached to each other. See next photo.

7. The Finished Heart-Shaped Pages

When you cut around the heart pattern to make your inside pages, you should have a strip of hearts that look like the photo shown here. The attached hearts may remind you of the paper doll strips that you used to cut as a child.

8. Attaching the Front and Back Covers

To complete the construction of the book, you will attach one end of the folded heart strip to the back of the front cover using an agressive adhesive such as photo tape or red liner tape.

Before you attach the back cover to the other end of the heart strip, lay a piece of coordinating ribbon across the back cover. You will need about fifteen inches of ribbon. Center the ribbon on the back cover so that six inches are on either side of the book to use as a tie closure. You can use a small amount of adhesive to hold the ribbon in place on the back cover. Once again use an agressive adhesive to attach the last heart of the strip over the ribbon on the back cover.

Now your book is complete and you are ready to fill it with memories and give it as a gift.

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