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Fonts and Clip Art for Scrapbooking

Clip art and fonts that you print out from your computer can be a great and inexpensive tool for scrapbooking. This is also a huge topic on the internet; so here are some of the sites that I thought would be most valuable for scrapbookers:
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About Clip Art
Free to use collections of web clip art from the About.com Web Clip Art guide.

Cool Clip Art
Cool Clip Art has one of the best collections of free clip art, coloring pages, backgrounds, and borders for scrapbookers on the web. Free registration is required but well worth it for the opportunity to access this terrific collection of graphics.

Country Bear Alphabet
Some very cute lettering for your scrapbook by Grandma George.

Cute Colors Country Graphics Clip Art
Click on the scrapbooking section of this site to find cute teddy bear clip art and scanned example page layouts.

Floral Alphabet
A very pretty floral alphabet design also includes numbers.

Great Scrapbook Clipart
Tons of beautiful clip art, frames, and background papers to print on your own computer can be downloaded from ScrapbookScrapbook.com for only $3.00 per set.

Mooseberry Graphics
Hand drawn and colored graphics for all your paper craft projects. Site includes freebies and printables.

Victorian Art for Mother
Beautiful artwork that focuses on a tribute to motherhood.

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