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9 Hot Scrapbooking Trends - CHA 2012 Summer Show Overview

What's Popular in Scrapbooking and Paper Crafting


Do your scrapbook pages and paper crafting projects need a shot of inspiration? Picking up on current trends and adapting them to your style might be just what you are looking for. These nine hot trends will be sure to inspire your next scrapbook page. Twice a year the Craft and Hobby Association hosts a huge trade show which allows manufacturers of hobby and craft products to display their new wares to buyers. At the show, it is easy to pick up on the current hot trends. The list shown here are the highlights of what is popular now and will continue to be popular for the rest of 2012 and moving into next year.

1. Color Trends

Photo by Rebecca Ludens
Doodle Bug Designs
Just like other visual arts such as interior decorating and fashion design, scrapbooking and paper crafting products follow color trends. The hot color of 2012 has been and continues to be orange. However, the new color coming for this fall appears to be gray. Several scrapbook paper lines are incorporating gray in their designs, but also both Doodle Bug Designs and We R Memory Keepers have added gray to their album lines. The photo here shows just a small selection of Doodle Bug albums with the new gray scrapbook included.

How to Incorporate This Trend: Look for supplies that you already have that include gray. Try using solid gray cardstock that is accented with white, black, soft pink, or soft teal for a timeless, yet trendy, look.

2. Hexagons

Photo by Rebecca Ludens
Bella Blvd.
The hot shape for 2012 is most definitely the hexagon. They are everywhere right now. At the Craft and Hobby show, they could be found on papers, embellishments, stickers, and even fashion and home decorations. The hexagon page shown here is from Bella Blvd. It shows how easy it is to mix and match patterned papers when you use small amounts in fun geometric shapes such as the hexagon.

How to Incorporate This Trend: Use a hexagon die or punch to make lots of these little shapes in no time to add to your next scrapbook page or greeting card. You can find a set of free hexagon patterns for scrapbooking and card making here on About.com Scrapbooking. The patterns include for both a single shape and nested shapes.

3. Washi Tape

Photo by Rebecca Ludens
Queen and Co.
Washi tape is certainly not a new trend but it definitely continues to be a strong one. Many manufacturers are incorporating printed washi tape in their new product/paper lines. Off course, Queen & Co. continues to be a leader in the washi tape trend. This summer they have added a fun expansion to their Trendy Tape washi tape line with a series of bright candy colors and prints. The scrapbook page shown here showcases a variety of Queen & Co. Trendy Tape prints.

How to Incorporate This Trend: The beauty of washi tape is that it is slightly translucent making it simple to add to a layout or design. If you are new to this tape, select a couple of patterns and colors that you can use on a variety of papers that you already own.

4. Hot Air Balloons

Photo by Rebecca Ludens
Farm House Paper Company
It seems that every year there is a new icon or image that is picked up in paper, fabric, and embellishments. This year's image is definitely the hot air balloon. You can find it on everything from playful, whimsical designs to eclectic, vintage lines. One of my favorite uses of hot air balloons is on this paper line from Farm House Paper Company called Fair Skies. The hot air balloon image is included on chipboard pieces and on the patterned, cardstock-weight paper.

How to Incorporate This Trend: Do not feel like you have to have photos of your family at a balloon festival to use these designs. They simply make a great embellishment on any outdoor, summer, picnic, birthday, or everyday scrapbook page. Make your own with this free pattern.

5. Pinwheels

Photo by Rebecca Ludens
Kaiser Craft
Pinwheels have made a huge comeback of popularity. They first were seen quite a bit in scrapbooking about 10 years ago and now they are everywhere once again. You can find them on stickers, chipboard embellishments, punch-outs, and even printed on patterned paper. This scrapbook page layout from Kaiser Craft features multiple pinwheels made from brightly colored pattered papers. They help to give the page a playful feeling that perfectly accents the photos.

How to Incorporate This Trend: You can find everything you need to get started making pinwheels for scrapbooking and card making, including free patterns and step by step instructions in the list of articles called Pinwheels for Design, Fun, and Snacks here on About.com Scrapbooking.

6. Fabrics, Canvases, and Laces

Photo by Rebecca Ludens
Canvas Home Basics
Texture is hugely popular in scrapbooking right now. An interesting turn that it is taking is towards "flat texture." More homespun-type materials are appearing on scrapbook pages and mini-books. Burlap, canvas, and lace are all making an appearance as both entire scrapbook page backgrounds and also as smaller embellishments. The material shown here is 12x12 burlap from Canvas Corp. They also have canvas pennant banners, sisal rope, and other terrific textured items for scrapbooking.

How to Incorporate This Trend: Pick up a small amount of burlap or canvas fabric at your local craft store and try using it on your next scrapbook page. Be sure to take advantage of the texture by fraying one of the edges.

7. Mixing Paper Lines

Photo by Rebecca Ludens
Teresa Collins Designs
Several manufacturers mentioned that they tried hard to think about how you scrapbook when designing their lines. They specifically wanted to allow you to be able to mix their paper lines with patterned papers that you already own. Another trend that goes along with this one is that manufacturers are thinking a lot about Becky Higgins' Project Life and how their products can work with that style of scrapbooking. The paper line shown here is called "Tell Your Story" and it is new from Teresa Collins Designs. It includes a soft color palette with lots of lines for journaling. The backside of each sheet is in neutral grays.

How to Incorporate This Trend: Don't feel restrained by paper packs; Trying mixing and matching to suit your style.

8. Garland and Banners

Photo by Rebecca Ludens
Making Memories
Garlands and banners have been "hanging" in there for a couple of years now. These fun festive embellishments are seen on everything from new baby pages to zoo themed layouts. As shown here, manufacturers are trying to make it easier for you to add banners to both your paper crafting projects and also your home decorations. These products from Making Memories show you pennant banners on a scrapbook page, but also show kits that are designed for you to quickly be able to make large banners for parties.

How to Incorporate This Trend: About.com Scrapbooking has pennants and banners well covered with many free patterns, step by step instructions, and scrapbook page ideas. You can find everything you need in the article Pennant and Banners.

9. Crochet, Knit, and Lace Embellishments

Photo by Rebecca Ludens
We R Memory Keepers
Home-spun textures are not only popular as backgrounds, but they are also extremely popular embellishments. Several companies are coming out with embellishments made from canvas, lace, ribbon, and other textiles. One popular version of this trend are crocheted and knitted embellishments. Small crocheted doilies can take the place of flowers on your next scrapbook page without the hours of detailed work involved to make them yourself. The doilies shown here are from We R Memory Keepers and they perfectly coordinate with their Winter Frost line that comes out this fall.

How to Incorporate This Trend: Try one of the many step by step articles here aboutHand-Making Your Own Flowers with ribbon or felt to add this trend to your pages.

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