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Digital Scrapbooking Free Downloads and Tutorials

Scrapbooking started out being all about paper, adhesives, and stickers. Now more and more scrapbookers are using computers, software, and digital photos to create gorgeous scrapbook pages. Here you can find links to software tutorials and free digital pages kits and elements to help you get started scrapbooking on your computer.
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10 Reasons to Love Digital Scrapbooking
Learn 10 reasons why you would start digital scrapbooking. Learn about some of the best features of digital scrapbooking.

Popular Digital Scrapbooking Styles
Article about finding your individual style in digital scrapbooking. We examine classic, clean, hodgepodge, shabby chic, fantasy and art journal styles to understand which digital scrapbooking style fits you the best.

Tips for Creating Digital Scrapbooking Credits Lists
Tips on how to properly create credits lists for digital scrapbooking. Ideas for quick and easy digital scrapbooking credits lists.

Saving Digital Scrapbooking Layouts for the Web
Learn how to save your digital scrapbooking layouts for the web. Tutorial teaching how to optimize your digital pages for the web.

Resize Digital Scrapbooking Layouts for Gallery Upload
Learn how to resize digital scrapbooking layouts to upload to galleries. Use this layout resizing tutorial before uploading your digital scrapbook page to a gallery.

Basic Supplies Needed for Digital Scrapbooking
Learn about the basic supplies you need to get started in digital scrapbooking. Get a brief overview of the essential materials you will need when starting out in digital scrapbooking.

Are You a Hybrid Scrapbooker?
Hybrid scrapbooking is combining digital scrapbooking and traditional paper scrapbooking techniques. Are you a hybrid scrapbooker?

Hybrid Scrapbooking - Digital Photos Books and Traditional Scrapbook Technqiues
Hybrid Scrapbooking Combining Digital Photos Books and Traditional Scrapbooking Techniques

Serif Digital Scrapbook Artist Scrapbook Pages
Serif Digital Scrapbook Artist Scrapbook Pages by Rebecca Ludens

Digital Scrapbooking - What is it all about?
Have you been thinking about trying out digital scrapbooking? Michelle Shefveland from CottageArts.net tells you what is is all about. Find some great tips for taking your scrapbooking to the next digital level, plus see three gorgeous layouts.

Adding Text to Photos for Scrapbooking
Adding Text to Photos for Scrapbooking - Steps for Printing Quotes and Journaling on Your Photos

Free Digital Scrapbooking Resources

Here you can find everything you need for digital scrapbooking. The link to Free Digital Scrapbooking Downloads takes you to one of the most popular pages on About.com Scrapbooking - a huge listing of links to absolutely free digital scrapbooking kits that you can download today. Also here you will find digital scrapbooking tutorials, software reviews, and more.

10 Ways to Use Brushes on Your Digital Layouts
Ten ways to use Photoshop brushes in digital scrapbooking. Learn creative ways to use Photoshop brushes on your digital scrapbooking layouts.

Serif CraftArtist Scrapbooks Software Review

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