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12 Ways to Make Flowers for Scrapbooking and Card Making

Learn How to Make Your Own Flower Scrapbook Embellishments


Making your own flowers for scrapbooking, card making, and other paper crafting projects saves money and allows you to customize your embellishments to fit the style and colors of your papers. There are many, many ways to use flowers on your scrapbook pages. You can find inspiration in the article Embellishing Scrapbook Pages with Flowers - 17 Ideas for Using Flowers on Your Scrapbook Pages. Each of the links below will take you to a step by step article that shows you, in great detail and picture, how to make each of the flowers described. Most of them require very few supplies. They will all add style to your pages.

1. Vintage Flowers Made from Book Pages

Vintage Flowers on Patterned Paper from Graphic 45
Rebecca Ludens
These vintage-inspired flowers are quick to make and definitely add style to your scrapbook pages. You can pick up old hard-cover books at your local thrift store and start making these flowers today!

2. Flowers Made from Circles

Folded Circles Punches Become Flowers
Rebecca Ludens
Did you know that you can make a beautiful flower with just 5 circles and a button. This article shows you how. You will want to make these flowers again and again.

3. Wrapped Scallop Flowers

Rebecca Ludens
Another one of my favorite flowers, these wrapped scallop flowers can be make in seconds. You simply wrap stitching floss around a punch and they are done. This article shows you exactly how to make these great flowers.

4. Felt Flowers

Making flowers with strips of gathered felt.
Rebecca Ludens
Felt is a great material for paper crafting flowers. It is soft, light-weight, inexpensive, and comes in a wide variety of colors. This article shows you how to make felt flowers by simply gathering a strip of the material and adding a button.

5. Accordion Folded Rosettes

Rebecca Ludens
Accordion folding is simply folding a piece of paper back and forth and back and forth - like you did as a child to make a paper fan. Now you can use this technique to make fabulous flowers. Since your folds this time around will be pretty close together, a scoring blade or tool is helpful for these flowers.

6. Tissue Paper Flowers

Making Simple Flowers from a Punch and Tissue Paper
Rebecca Ludens
These tissue paper flowers are nice and flat to fit perfectly on scrapbook pages and greeting cards. They are made using a flower punch and some simple folding, so they go together quickly and easily.

7. Crazy Layered Cardstock Flowers with Free Patterns

Make these layered patterned paper flowers with free patterns provided
Rebecca Ludens
You can make these flowers to match any scrapbook page imaginable, simply because you can make them using your left-over scraps of patterned paper. The free pattern provided contains designs for all 4 layers of the flower which can easily be mixed and matched.

8. Paper Strip Flowers

Rebecca Ludens
These modern and sleek flowers are made using just a brad and some thin strips of patterned paper. These are some of my favorite flowers because the are so stylish and so quick to make.

9. Folded Ribbon Flowers

How to Make 3-D Flowers with Ribbon for Scrapbook Pages
Rebecca Ludens
Small pieces of ribbon can be folded and glued to a circle to make 3-D flowers that are perfect for both scrapbooking and card making. These flowers take little time, few supplies, and can be made to fit in with the colors on any project.

10. Rolled Paper Flowers - Simple Quilling Techniques

How to Make flowers with rolled paper strips.
Rebecca Ludens
Paper quilling is the art of rolling thin strips of paper and then making those rolls into shapes. With just a few basic quilling techniques, you can create unique, 3-D, flowers.

11. Torn Paper Flowers

How to make torn paper flowers for scrapbooking and card making.
Rebecca Ludens
You can create beautiful flowers for your scrapbooks or greeting cards by tearing with style. This article shows you how a simple pattern and some paper tearing techniques can be turned into gorgeous creations.

12. Layered Paper Flowers

Make Layered Paper Flowers with Free Patterns
Rebecca Ludens
These quick and simple flowers from Adornit Carolee's Creations can be made in minutes with the free patterns provided in this article. The pattern is designed so that the layers of the flowers can all be created from one sheet of pattern paper or cardstock.

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