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Free Christmas Digital Word Art for Quick and Easy Christmas Cards

Downloadable Word Art for Cards and Digital Scrapbook Pages


Christmas digital word art is a collection of free .png images that you can print to use for Christmas cards or load into your favorite photo editing program to use on digital scrapbook pages. This collection contains five simple images that work perfectly with the Quick and Easy Christmas Card Sketches tutorial. One of the images is a simple black and white text "Merry Christmas" greeting while the others have transparent color background images of candy canes or a star Christmas tree decoration. You can print all of the titles in either black and white or in color.

Free Christmas Downloadable Digital Word Art

Rebecca Ludens
By clicking on Christmas Digital Word Art Free Download you will be able to download the .zip which contains all five pieces of the word art set. It contains one simple word art title "Merry Christmas" and four other titles with transparent color backgrounds that fit the theme of the set. The preview shown here gives you a look at all five pieces included in the free download. To see it in greater detail, do not forget that you can click on the image to see it in a larger size. This simple set is designed to work with the Quick and Easy Christmas Card Sketches and Tutorial article. If you are looking for way to get lots of cards done in a short amount of time then this article is exactly what you need. It contains a free pair of Christmas card sketches and full instructions for making quick greeting cards from double-sided patterned cardstock.

For more ideas for using free digital word art on scrapbook pages be sure to read Three Creative Uses For Free Digital Word Art in Traditional Paper Scrapbooking. To find more free digital word art for both your digital and paper scrapbook pages read Free Digital Word Art for Scrapbooking. This list, which is updated each time a new set of free digital word art is added to About.com Scrapbooking, contains word art for everyday, sports, music, and seasonal scrapbooking pages.

Quick and Easy Christmas Cards Using the Free Christmas Digital Word Art

Rebecca Ludens
Once you have saved the digital word art files above to your computer you are now ready to make all of your Christmas greeting cards. The titles in this digital set can be used or you can also print your own titles or use rubber stamps to make the titles for these cards. This tutorial shows you step by step how to make these cards in minutes by cutting all of your pieces first and then putting them all together in literally seconds. You can make both vertical and horizontal cards using these instructions and the included free Christmas card sketches.

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