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Free Shield Pattern and Scrapbook Page Sketch

Scrapbooking Page Idea Using a Free Pattern and Sketch


Scrapbooking with free patterns gives you some extra inspiration. You can use this free shield pattern to draw attention to your focal point photo - remember a focal point gives balance to your scrapbook page. Read 5 Tips for Creating a Focal Point on Your Scrapbook Pages for more help with this important basic design idea.


Free Shield Pattern

Free Pattern for Scrapbooking with Chipboard

This new free pattern is based on a classic shield design. You can use this pattern to cut out journaling boxes, photo mats, or even page title mats. It would be perfect cut out of chipboard and covered in patterned paper or simply cut from cardstock and added to your next scrapbook page.

To save this pattern to your computer following these easy steps: 1) Click on the small image of the pattern to open the full-size pattern in a new window, 2) Right click on the full-size image and select "save as," 3) Save the pattern to a folder on your computer where you will be able to find it later, 4) Click on "insert" and then "picture from your computer" in Word to insert the image into a document for printing.

Free Half Shield Pattern

Printable free scrapbook pattern of a half shield design shape.

Maybe you don't need a full shield, you only want a half shield as shown in the sample page below. A full shield will not be able to be printed very large on a standard printer, but with a half shield you will be able to print the image large enough for the free scrapbook page sketch for the sample page in this article. Follow the instructions found for the Shield Pattern above to save this pattern to your computer.

For all free patterns here on About.com Scrapbooking, you may want to print out the pattern on inexpensive white cardstock and then use that pattern over and over again as a tracing pattern on patterned papers, specialty colored cardstocks, and even chipboard.

Half Shield Scrapbook Page Idea

Family Scrapbook Page Idea Using Rolled Paper Log Embellishments
Jennifer Schmidt

On this scrapbook page idea, Jennifer Schmidt, used a half shield to accent her focal point photo. The shield helps draw attention to the photo and fill the page with interesting color and pattern. Because she used pattern paper for the shield, Jennifer used a solid cardstock to mat her photo before layering it on the shield. Even though, Jennifer only used one photo on her scrapbook page design, you absolutely could modify this layout idea for more photos. The free scrapbook page sketch found below actually uses this same basic layout and makes room for three additional pictures.

The other idea to note from Jennifer's scrapbook page is the Rolled Paper Logs technique. This is a very fun scrapbooking idea that you will also want to try.

Half Shield Scrapbook Page Sketch

Free Scrapbook Page Sketch Using the Free Shield Pattern

Scrapbook page sketches are basic line drawings of scrapbook pages that allow you to visualize your own colors, photos, and themes. This scrapbook page sketch uses the half shield pattern above and has room for four photos. You can save the sketch to your computer for future scrapbooking by following the steps included with the Shield Pattern information above. You may want to create a specific folder on your computer for scrapbook page sketches and even create sub-folders that organize your sketches by number of photos on each scrapbook page layout design.

There are many, many free scrapbook sketches here on About.com Scrapbooking. You can find a listing of free sketches here in the Free Scrapbook Page Sketches on About.com directory.

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