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4 Free Banner Patterns for Scrapbooking - Mix and Match Banner Styles


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Banner 4 - Flag-Style Banner
Free Flag-Style Banner Pattern for Scrapbooking - Scrapbooking with Banners Pattern 4

Use this free flag-style pattern to make banners for your scrapbook pages and greeting cards.

The flag-style of banner is your classic triangular pennant shape. The diamond pattern shape gives you a tab to fold over to attach the pennant to your banner. The flag style pennant is the shape that I used on the Scout Camp sample scrapbook page shown in the Scrapbooking with Banners step by step article. The free pattern in that article is slightly elongated. You will want to save that pattern to your computer for future scrapbooking as well. You will also find step by step instructions for assembling a banner in the Scrapbooking with Banners article.

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