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Thanksgiving Scrapbooking Patterns, Quotes, Page Titles, and Scrapbook Pages

Free Stuff for Fall Scrapbooking


These free thanksgiving scrapbooking resources include free paper piecing patterns, scrapbook page layout ideas, quotes, and free printable Thanksgiving titles. This important holiday in the United States revolves around family and friends. Save these precious memories in your scrapbooks by using these free Thanksgiving scrapbook resources to create special layouts.

Thanksgiving Historical Quotes for Scrapbook Pages

Quotes for Thanksgiving Scrapbook Pages

Quotes are a quick way to add journaling to your scrapbook pages. These quotes about Thanksgiving reflect the history of the holiday and have been selected especially for card making and scrapbooking.

Free Fall Scrapbook Patterns to Accent Your Thanksgiving Pages

Autumn Leaves Scrapbook Page Idea
Make your own pumpkins and leaves for fabulous fall scrapbook pages and fun Thanksgiving scrapbook page layouts using these free patterns and scrapbook page ideas.

Thankful Scrapbook Page Ideas - Thanksgiving Scrapbooking Ideas

Thanksgiving Scrapbook Page Ideas
We all have things and people in our life that we are thankful for. These scrapbook pages are ways to celebrate thankfulness and add these memories to our scrapbooks.

Free Printable Scrapbook Page Titles

Free Printable Thanksgiving Page Titles
This pair of free printable scrapbook page titles for Thanksgiving can be customized for your next scrapbook page. To add some color, you can chalk them or color them with colored pencils or scrapbook markers.

Thanksgiving Punch Art - Scrapbooking Embellishment Ideas Using Punches

Thanksgiving Punch Art Ideas
Use your punches that are gathering dust in your scrapbook room in unique ways to create fun and unique scrapbook page embellishments for your Thanksgiving pages. Use punched shapes to make imaginative accents that zing with color and vitality.

Thanksgiving Pumpkin - Jumbo Free Paper Piecing Pattern

Large Pumpkin Pattern
This free Thanksgivng pumpkin paper piecing pattern consists of three simple pieces - the body, the leaf, and the stem. It can be made in minutes to be the perfect page accent.
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