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Free Scrapbook Page Embellishment Patterns

DIY Scrapbook Page Decorations with These Free Patterns


Save money and create fabulous scrapbook pages by using these free scrapbook page embellishment patterns. Here you can find links to free patterns for photo mounting tabs, paisleys, leaves, hand sewing, and a library card pocket. Your pages will come to life when you use these free patterns to make one-of-a-kind scrapbook page decorations for each of your layouts.

1. Free Printable Butterfly Patterns and Scrapbook Page Layout Idea


R.H. Heinlein said, "Butterflies are self propelled flowers." This gallery contains three free printable butterfly patterns that are perfect for decorating scrapbook pages and other papercrafts. Also, in this gallery, you will find a scrapbook page idea that uses different sizes of one of the butterfly patterns and a free scrapbook page sketch.

2. 7 Free Printable Flower Patterns and Scrapbook Page Sketches


Flowers are an ever-popular scrapbook page embellishment. The flowers in this gallery can be printed in many sizes so that you can layer them, cut them out of a variety of materials, and add them to your pages in any size scrapbook.

3. Patterns for Brackets and Arrows

Brackets are perfect for accenting your journaling or highlighting a special photo. You can use arrows to draw the reader's eye to your focal point on the scrapbook page. This gallery has free patterns for several types of brackets and arrows that you can use on your scrapbook page layouts and other paper crafting projects.

4. Paisley Patterns for Scrapbook Pages

Dress up your next scrapbook page with some of these paisleys, swirls, or flourishes. This gallery has several sample pages to give you inspiration in how to use the free patterns. Be sure to try cutting paisleys out of chipboard to add some stylish dimension to your layouts.

5. Leaf Patterns for Fall Scrapbook Pages

These simple leaf patterns are perfect for fall scrapbook pages. You can ink them, chalk them, or even stitch them with a sewing machine.

6. Hand Sewing Patterns for Scrapbooking

Any simple pattern can be used as a pattern for hand-sewing on scrapbook pages. This gallery contains several great ones to get you started plus a link to step-by-step instructions for getting started hand stitching on your scrapbook page layouts.

7. Photo Mounting Tabs

Photo mounting tabs have an important job to do - they hold your photos on your scrapbook pages. However, most photo tabs that you see on modern scrapbook pages are simply decorative, their only job is to add some style to the page. In this gallery, you can find patterns for several different styles of photo mounting tabs for use on your scrapbook pages. Try attaching them with a mini-brad for a realistic look.

8. Library Card Pocket Pattern

Remember the days of a rubber stamped, dated, library card in a pocket on the inside of book covers? That style of pocket is perfect for holding a journaling card on your scrapbook page. The free pattern can be found in this gallery.

9. Free Paper Piecing Patterns for Scrapbooking

From trees and birds to flowers and pumpkins and everything in between free patterns abound here on About.com Scrapbooking. This link will take you over to the Free Paper Piecing listing which contains links to all of the free paper piecing patterns that can be found all over this site.

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