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Scrapbooking, like any hobby or craft, can be expensive if you purchase everything that catches your eye. There are many ways to make scrapbooking more economical including getting organized so that you are easily able to use the supplies that you already have, and using recycled items to supplement your supplies and organizational tools. What's even better than economical? Free, of course! This list includes some of my favorite free stuff for scrapbooking here on About.com including free digital kits, free digital word art, free paper piecing patterns, free flower patterns, free scrapbook page sketches, and free step by step technique scrapbook tutorials.
  1. Free Digital Downloads
  2. Free Scrapbook Page Embellishment Patterns
  3. Free Paper Piecing Patterns
  4. Free Scrapbook Page Sketches

Free Digital Downloads

Happy Day Digital Scrapbook Kit Elements

The free digital scrapbooking downloads section here on About.com Scrapbooking includes digital kits, complete digital page templates, digital quick pages, digital paper kits, and more.

Free Scrapbook Page Embellishment Patterns

Butterfly Layout

Free patterns can be used to make unique coordinated embellishments for your scrapbook pages. The best part is that when you use a free pattern found here along with scrapbook paper scraps that you already have, your scrapbook page embellishments are free.

Free Paper Piecing Patterns

Zoo Animal Paper Piecing Pattern Scrapbook Page

Paper piecing is a simple process of designing your own embellishments using paper and patterns. These free patterns are the perfect additions to scrapbook pages throughout the seasons.

Free Scrapbook Page Sketches

Sketch for a 2 Photo Scrapbook Page

A scrapbook page sketch gives you a clear direction to go when planning and laying out your next scrapbook page. There are many, many sketches available on About Scrapbooking making sure that you have the inspiration you need for every scrapbook page you create.

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