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Getting Your Scrapbook Paper, Supplies, and Embellishments Organized


Scrapbookers tend to collect supplies, save scraps, and keep anything that might be used as a scrapbook page embellishment. Collecting is part of the joy of scrapbooking. When that collection becomes overwhelming, however, it can keep you from being able to actually work on your scrapbook pages. The articles listed below will help you safely store and organize your 12x12 scrapbook papers, give some order to your ribbon collection, and show you some creative ideas for storing your vast array of scrapbook page and greeting card embellishments.

1. 12x12 Scrapbook Paper Storage Solutions

Rebecca Ludens
The first and foremost thing that most of us collect is paper. Once your supply of patterned papers and solid cardstock starts to take over any space that you have carved out for working on your scrapbooks, it is most definitely time to get it organized. This article shows you a variety of ways to organize your paper. It includes ideas and tools for every size scrapbook space and every size budget.

2. Quick and Easy Paper Storage

12x12 Scrapbook Paper Storage
Rebecca Ludens
If you do not have the space or budget to commit to larger organization systems, you might want to start with this article. These three quick and easy paper organization ideas show you how to sort and store 12x12 and 8 1/2x11 papers along with scrapbook page collections and kits.

3. Embellishment Organization

Rebecca Ludens
Now that you have tackled that pile of paper that needed to be sorted and organized, it is time to sort through your stickers, ribbons, chipboard, brads, and so much more. This article shows you ideas for getting your embellishments sorted and stored so that you will be able to find just the perfect one for your next scrapbook page. It includes ideas for tiny little items such as brads, eyelets, and buttons, and also ideas for large sheets of stickers and huge ribbon and fiber collections.

4. Ribbon Box

Rebecca Ludens
Ribbon boxes are plastic or chipboard boxes that have holes in them through which you can feed your ribbon. If your collection of ribbon is extensive, you might want to make one of these little boxes for each color family of ribbon. You do not need to have the exact box shown in the article - a small shoe box covered in cute paper would be perfect!

5. Scrapbook Paper Organization Ideas from Readers

Charlene Boardman
About.com Scrapbook readers are some of our very best resources of ideas and inspiration. In this article, readers share their tips and ideas for organizing their stash of scrapbook paper. Read through each of the tips, see the pictures posted by readers, and then share your own paper organization ideas to inspire others.

6. Scrapbook Embellishment Organization Ideas from Readers

Rebecca Ludens
About.com Scrapbooking readers share ideas for using jars, zippered bags, split-rings, cup hooks, and more to organize their scrapbooking embellishments. Once again, after reading through what other readers have suggested, be sure to share your own ideas for getting your embellishments organized. Do you have an ingenious way to sort and store your ribbon? How do you store your buttons and brads? Share your ideas with other scrapbookers around the world.

7. Scrapbook Supply Organization with Recycled Materials - Jars Hanging Storage

Storing Your Embellishments in Hanging Jars
Rebecca Ludens
I love clever organizational ideas. When those ideas are both inexpensive and allow me to reuse and recycle, they are even better! This step by step article shows you how to use your empty baby food jars, spaghetti sauce jars, jelly jars, etc. to create a very functional embellishment organization system.

8. Now It's Time to Get Scrapbooking

Tips and Tricks from Top Designers
Once you have gone through your supplies, sorted them, and organized them, it is time to get scrapbooking. If you need some inspiration then these articles will help you get started:

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