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5 Tips For Taking Digital Photos of Your Scrapbook Pages


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How to Take a Photo of Your Scrapbook Page - Tip 5 - Leave Some Room
Needs to Be Cropped Later

To Be Cropped Layout

Leave some room around the photo for cropping later. You don't want to take the shot only to realize when you start working with it that you cut off a small amount on one edge of the page. The easiest way to get a great picture of your page is to go ahead and leave some space around the page when you take the shot. Use the sides of your view-finder to help you judge if your layout is squarely placed in the photo. You can crop out the background later with your photo editing software. When people submit photos of scrapbook pages to me at About.com Scrapbooking, I don't mind cropping them. This allows me to save the images the correct size for use on the site. The picture shown here is perfect.

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