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6 Tips to Jumpstart New Year Scrapbooking


The beginning of a new year is a great time to resolve to do more scrapbooking. These six tips will help you get started and also direct you to ways to keep your new goals.

1. Create Year in Review Scrapbook Pages

Year in Review scrapbook pages are layouts that showcase the highlights of your last year. These scrapbook pages are perfect for the busy scrapbooker, since even if you only create a Year in Review scrapbook page spread each year, you can easily make a beautiful scrapbook as the years go by. Year in review layouts tend to use a lot of photos, so this resource page also has links to sketches and ideas for helping you place many photos on one scrapbook page spread.

2. Set Scrapbook Goals and Keep Them

No matter how well intended our scrapbook goals may be, they have a tendency to fall by the wayside all to often as the year progresses. One way to keep from sliding into this pattern of failure is to set attainable goals, which are followed with specific objectives. As one applies this method to scrapbook resolutions, the seemingly lofty becomes attainable. What are your plans for your scrapbooking this year? Do you have specific goals in mind? Have you laid out several objectives which will help you work toward those goals? This article is a "How-To" for those of you who wish to keep your scrapbooking resolutions.

3. Print Your Photos

Now that we almost all use digital cameras it seems that most of our photos are on our computers and not in scrapbooks or photo albums. In order to get caught up on your scrapbook goals, you will need to get your photos printed. Make it your goal this week to print photos from the last three events or moments that you want to scrapbook. I use my at home photo printer so that I can print photos as the mood strikes me for scrapbooking. I can also print them in a variety of sizes making it simple to create a focal point on each scrapbook page layout.

4. Get Organized

Organizing your supplies, your photos, and your space will make it much easier to get scrapbooking done in the new year. These articles include ways to organize your ribbon, organizational tools you can find in your own kitchen, and then links to scrapbook organizer manufacturers.

5. Start a Sketch Binder

Jumpstart your scrapbooking this year by taking a little time to create your own binder of scrapbook page sketch ideas. Print out the free sketches available here on About.com Scrapbooking and use a 3-hole punch or page protectors to add them to a 3-ring notebook. You may also want to add extra page protectors to hold sketches from magazines, and blank pages for you to sketch out your own ideas.

6. Resolve to Improve Your Journaling

Working on your journaling will improve your scrapbooking. Review the 5 journaling styles and try out a new one on your next scrapbook page. Photos only tell part of the story on any scrapbook page layout, your journaling tells the rest. Resolve to be better at journaling this year.
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