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Heritage Album Information

Everything you need to know if you are working on an Heritage Album to preserve your family's memories and history.

Heritage Scrapbooking Without Pictures
Sometimes preserving your heritage can be a challenge, this is especially true when you are missing some pictures. Your Family Legacy has advice for this problem and ideas for great pages.

Tribute and Grief Scrapbooking
How scrapbooking can help you create a loving memory and deal with the grief of loss.

Creating Heritage Theme Albums
"Try thinking of your heritage from a theme standpoint. You can create many albums, with each centered around a specific theme as it pertains to your family. What do we mean by themes?" Find out in this informative article.

Your Family Legacy Articles
A series of articles submitted by Your Family Legacy covering topics essential to creating an heritage album, including: Choosing an Album, Document Preservation, Interviewing Relatives, Photo Preservation, and Writing Your Autobiography.

Crafting Your Own Heritage Album--Review
Book review about a terrific "How To" book for heritage scrapbookers.

Documenting Your Family Traditions
You may be missing some important family information in your scrapbooks without even realizing it. This great article helps you think about Documenting Your Family Traditions.

Heritage Scrapbooking: Part 1
Interview with scrapbooking instructor Karen Dean. The first part of a three part interview. This section covers the basics in getting started including choosing an album, and getting organized.

Heritage Scrapbooking: Part II
Part two of the interview with scrapbook instructor Karen Dean focuses on the artistic choices you will need to make when crafting an heritage album, including color samples.

Heritage Scrapbooking: Part III
The final installment of this interview with Karen Dean focuses on journaling and adding memorabilia to your album.

Heritage Scrapbook Pages
Heritage Scrapbook Pages

Tribute and Grief Scrapbooking - Readers Share Their Stories
Readers share their experiences creating tribute scrapbooks, working through grief by scrapbooking, or using art journals as therapy.

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