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Journaling and Lettering

Inspiration for your journaling, handwriting, and lettering, can be found in these wonderful articles, including several from the About Guide to Journaling.
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Free Printable Block Letters and Numbers for Scrapbooking and Cardmaking
Use these free printable block letters and numbers for scrapbooking and cardmaking - three different font that include upper, lower, and numbers all in reverse for printing on the back of cardstock.

Hidden Journaling Boxes that Slide, Flip, and Open
How to make hidden journaling boxes for your scrapbook pages.

Free Downloadable Digital Word Art for Scrapbooking
Free Downloadable Digital Word Art for Scrapbooking - A collection of Word Art for Journaling and Scrapbook Page Titles.

Computer Journaling and Printing for Scrapbook Pages
Share your favorite tips about computer journaling and printing for scrapbooking.

Favorite Journaling Styles for Scrapbooking
Favorite Journaling Styles for Scrapbooking

Scrapbook Page Title Ideas for Birthday Scrapbooking Pages
Long list of Scrapbook Page Titles for Birthday Scrapbooking Page Ideas and Hand Made Birthday Cards

Three Creative Uses For Free Digital Word Art in Traditional Paper Scrapbooking
Three ways to free downloadable digital word art on your traditional paper scrapbook pages.

Free Reversed Block Letters for Printing Scrapbook Page Titles
Use these free reversed block letters, numbers, and symbols to print titles for your scrapbook pages and then cut them out.

Five Journaling Styles
Scrapbooks without journaling are just pretty photo albums. While the famous quote says that a picture is worth a thousand words, in your scrapbooks pictures can only be counted on to tell part of the story. Do you have trouble including journaling on your scrapbook pages? Perhaps you need to try a different style of journaling to get your writing jump-started. Choose one of these five ideas for…

Thanksgiving Free Printable Scrapbook Page Titles
Thanksgiving Free Printable Scrapbook Page Titles

Outlined Reverse Block Letters for Scrapbook Titles
Outlined Reverse Block Letters for Scrapbook Titles

Free Printable Block Letters and Titles
Free printable block letters for scrapbooking.

Using Your Handwriting on Scrapbook Pages
Ways to use your handwriting on scrapbook pages for journaling even if you do not like your handwriting

3 Ways to Improve the Journaling on Your Scrapbook Pages
Journaling ideas for scrapbookers including using fonts, poems and quotes, and writing from the heart.

Journaling With Speed and Ease: Part I
A "Don't Miss" series of articles by noted scrapbook author Joanna Campbell Slan. Learn how you will "journal and scrapbook with more speed and ease if you divide your scrapbook page making activities into two tasks, page layout and journaling."

How To Divide and Conquer
Part two of the series on Journaling with Speed and Ease by Joanna Slan, this article gives helpful tips on dividing your journaling and page layout tasks.

Journaling Your Memories
Guest article from Your Family Legacy gives helpful information about preserving your family memories with your written words. "Think of journaling as telling a story – write down the sort of things you say when you show someone your scrapbook or genealogy collection." Read more here.

Pre-writing: Key to Faster and More Satisfying Journaling
Part Three of the Journaling With Speed and Ease article by Joanna Slan, shows us that pre-writing is the act of planning for what you will eventually write. Much of pre-writing has to do with collecting and organizing your information. Find out how you can improve your journaling!

Documenting Your Family Traditions
Are you missing some important information in your scrapbooks? Find out more about documenting your important family traditions. From Your Family Legacy.

Wordle - Word Cloud Creator
Use this site to create beautiful "clouds" of words based on your journaling, passages from literature, list of family names, and more.

Free Printable Speech Bubbles Scrapbooking Patterns
Free Printable Scrapbooking Patterns Speech Bubbles for Journaling on Scrapbook Pages

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