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5 Ways to Include Your Handwriting on Scrapbook Pages

How to incorporate hand-written journaling, if you don't like your handwriting.


Scrapbooking experts will tell you that you should always include your handwriting on your scrapbook pages. It adds a touch of yourself to the pages and leaves a lasting legacy for future generations. Many scrapbookers, however, do not like their own handwriting. Computer printed journaling has become a popular alternative to handwriting in many scrapbooker's albums. Listed here are 5 ways to include your handwriting on your next scrapbook page, even if you your handwriting.

1) Hidden Journaling- Pockets, folded cards, matchbooks, etc. all are ways to hide your journaling on your scrapbook pages. You can write out your journaling by hand on a piece of coordinating cardstock and then simply slip it into a pocket on the page. This way your handwriting is on the page but it isn't seen by anyone unless they pull out the journaling card.

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2) Turn Your Handwriting Into a Font - You will be amazed at how much nicer your handwriting looks when it is consistent and evenly spaced. This also gives you the advantage of being able to re-size your handwriting to fit in the desired space on a page and also use your computer's spell-check feature.

How Rebecca Turned Her Handwriting Into a Font - Click here to read the steps involved in using an online font making site called Fontifier. You can also download Rebecca's fonts so you can see how a finished handwriting font looks when printed for your scrapbook pages.

3) Work on Improving Your Handwriting - This is obviously the time-consuming suggestion. You can improve your handwriting with some tips from the pro's.

Love Your Handwriting by Heidi Swapp- Heidi shares many reasons to include handwriting on your pages. She also includes a workbook section to help you relax and improve your handwriting skills.Compare Prices

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4) Start With Little Things - You can add your handwriting to pages in little ways. Start by writing just the date on the page, maybe even in an inconspicuous place in your own handwriting. It is perfectly OK to combine computer journaling with handwritten text on a layout.

5) Try Just One Page - Create a dedication or a closing page for your album that is written by hand. This page can hold information like: Who made the album, the name of the person the album is dedicated to, and the dates the album was made. This is a simple but inspirational way to include your handwriting in a scrapbook.

Try one or more of these ideas today to help you start using your handwriting on your scrapbook pages tomorrow.

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