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Thanksgiving Free Printable Scrapbook Page Titles


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Thanksgiving Free Printable Scrapbook Page Title - Give Thanks - Title 1
Thanksgiving Printable Free Scrapbook Page Titles

Free Printable Scrapbook Page Titles for Thanksgiving


To save these page titles to your computer, simply right click on the title you wish to save and click "save as." Then choose a place on your computer to save the file. When you then open your favorite word processing or publishing program, you can "insert a picture from a file," and then print the page.

If you choose "copy" when you right click the image, you can then paste the titles right on to a word processing document. Simply open a blank document and right click anywhere on the blank page and select "paste." Now you can click on the image in your document to select it and then drag a corner to resize. If the edges of the titles get a bit blurry from resizing you can go over them with a scrapbook maker to clean them up.

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