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Using Label Makers for Scrapbooking

How to Use a Dymo, Brother P-Touch, or Epson LabelWorks for Scrapbook Pages


Label makers have become very popular for household organization. Labeling containers in the pantry, attic, and garage make it much faster and easier to find just the thing that you need. The label maker has also become one of my favorite scrapbooking tools. I use it on most of my pages because of the convenience, versatility, and speed with which I can add journaling to my pages. If I want to quickly add some 5 W’s journaling(who, what, when, where, and why), I can print each of them on a label strip. If I want to add several sentences of thoughts about the photos on the scrapbook pages, I can cut the printed label maker strips to fit to the length that I have available for that journaling and add them in a stacked column on the page. A label maker also makes it a quick and easy process to add a name or other important detail directly on each photo on a scrapbook page. Below you will find information about some of my favorite label printers and also see some ways that the scrapbook pages featured here on About.com Scrapbooking use label strips for journaling.

Brother P-Touch

Brother has an extensive line of label printers each with different special features. I use a Brother P-Touch Hand Held Electronic printer. I can change the size and style of the font, and print on different colors of label tape. I use my label maker on a vast majority of my scrapbook pages for journaling, adding names to photos, and adding dates and places. The next three photos and links show you three ways to use an electronic label printer on your scrapbook pages.

P-Touch - Use Clear Tape to Give the Illusion of Printing on Your Pages

Back to school page featuring the rolled paper logs embellishments scrapbook technique idea.
Rebecca Ludens
I love to use the clear tape with black lettering to add journaling to my scrapbook pages. It gives the appearance of the journaling having been printed right on the page. You can see an example of this in my Back to School Photo Shoot scrapbook page as part of the Rolled Logs Technique Article. Be sure to click on the image of the scrapbook page to see it in greater detail. On this layout, I used multiple pieces of tape to create a small block of journaling. The text looks like it has been printed directly on the patterned paper. The only hint that this text was from a label printer is the glossy shine.

P-Touch - Name and Date Only

These clear strips are also perfect for adding a quick label with the name and date to a scrapbook page that doesn’t need the writing to be the focal point. On the page Greta’s Christmas Photo Shoot the label is just down in the bottom corner, preserving the information without distracting from the photos.

P-Touch - Label Each Photo with White Tape

Tapes for the Brother electronic line of printers also come in solid colors so that you can print black letters on white or yellow backgrounds. Jennifer Schmidt used one of these printers to add a label to each photo of her Quick Scrapbook Page Sketch Challenge – Arrow on Scrapbook Pages layout. Be sure to click on the images to see the scrapbook pages in greater detail. In the close up photos of each page of the double page layout you can clearly see how the black lettering on white tape shows up nicely on the photos. Notice how Jennifer turned the labels on the photos to add extra interest.


The classic Dymo embossing label maker that you remember from childhood is still around and great for crafting. You can purchase packs of multi-colored tapes that will fit in almost all of the Dymo embossing units. The colors of tape include: red, green, blue, and of course black. The Dymo Caption Maker includes multiple font disks giving you more options in how your embossed letters will look. If you are looking for that classic embossed label look then this type of inexpensive hand-held, embossing label maker is right for your project. You can even cut strips of some scrapbook papers to size and feed them into the embossing label maker. Once you have embossed the words you simply will run a piece of sand paper lightly over the embossing to show the white inner core of the paper. I have step by step instructions for making your own label maker strips in the article Label Maker Sanded Lettering for Scrapbooking. Additional scrapbook ideas using embossing label makers are shown below.

Dymo - In Color with Dymo

Laina Lamb used a classic Dymo label maker with blue tape to label the photo in her scrapbook page titled The Middle Child from the Quick Quotes Same Products Many Looks Challenge. The label tape color matched perfectly with her layout and I love the slightly tilted design of the page.

Dymo - Mixed Media Font

Brenda Becknell also used a Dymo label maker with black tape and mixed the label words with stamped lettering to make an incredibly interesting and personalized font for an extra-large quote on her Quote Challenge scrapbook page. I love how Brenda incorporated the embossed label maker tape in the title of this page. It is unique and lovely.

Dymo - Label Photos and Create Journaling

Jennifer Schmidt likes to label the people in her scrapbook pages with the Dymo machine. In the page Do Not Try This At Home she used the label maker not only to add a name to the first photo but also to create an entire journaling block and add the date to the bottom corner of the page. This page really shows the versatility of the least expensive label maker on the market. You can use it to label photos, create a journaling block, and also add a place and date to your scrapbook pages.

Epson LabelWorks

Epson is rather new to the label printer market with its line of LabelWorks printers and tapes. I am very excited about this newest entry to the field of label makers because it sounds like it will be perfect for scrapbooking. These new machines have 14 fonts, 75 frames, and many other features that could make it an indispensible scrapbook tool.

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