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How To Make Your Own Extra Large Chipboard Letters

Chipboard and Patterned Paper Letters


Many companies sell extra large chipboard letters, however by following these simple steps you can easily make your own.
How To Make Your Own Extra Large Chipboard Letters

Step by Step Making Your Own Chipboard Monogram Letter

Rebecca Ludens
Step By Step - Making Your Own Chipboard Letters

1) Print an extra large letter from your computer on to regular office paper. You can select any size you wish by typing the font size number into the select box on your word processing program. The letter shown here was 150 pts in size. However, different fonts are different sizes.
Adhere this printed letter onto a piece of chipboard and use sharp scissors to cut it out.

2) Remove the paper from the chipboard letter and glue the chipboard letter wrong side up to the back of a piece of patterned paper or cardstock.

3) Cut out around the letter and you will have a chipboard letter covered in patterned paper. The edges will be a bit rough since you have hand cut the letter.

4) To smooth out the edges and give your letter more dimension, sand the edges with sand paper or a sanding block.

5) Adhere the finished letter to your scrapbook page using foam tape for even more dimension.
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