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Scrapbooking With Multiple Photos: Tips and Layouts from Hot Off the Press

By Angie Correa, for Hot Off The Press


If you took all the photos that you would love to scrapbook and calculated scrapping just one or two pictures per page, chances are you would have to scrapbook day and night just to keep up. The truth is you simply do not have time to create tons of layouts featuring a single photo. You barely have time to scrapbook at all! Not to worry; despite the millions of page samples you see showing just one picture per page, there are loads of ways to create great-looking layouts that include several photos. Here are some ideas from HOTP designers Laura Nicholas, Susan Cobb, Shauna Berglund-Immel and LeNae Gerig.

For even more ideas from HOTP including video tutorials visit PaperWishes.com.
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Tip 1 - Create A Blocked LookTip 2 - Give Your Photos Equal OpportunityTip 3 - Overlap PhotosTip 4 - Show A Series of Images
Tip 5 - Use Small Photos As A Page BorderTip 6 - Crop Photos Into Narrow StripsTip 7 - Cluster Several Photos On One Photo Mat
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