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Best Scrapbook Page Ideas of CHA Summer 2011


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Best Scrapbook Pages from CHA 2011 - Bella Blvd "Play Hard"
Sports scrapbook page idea from CHA 2011 from Bella Blvd.

CHA 2011 Bella Blvd. Favorite Scrapbook Page Layouts of the Summer Craft and Hobby Association Trade Show 2011

The colors of the new Making the Team paper line from Bella Blvd really "pop" on a scrapbook page layout as is shown here on this "Play Hard" layout by Stephanie Hunt. The bright primary colors are perfect for sports and/or little boy scrapbooking.

Products to Note: Bella Blvd. Making the Team patterned paper and coordinating embellishments.

Techniques to Note: Framing the scrapbook page layout is used very effectively here with patterned paper. The technique that I wanted to point out to you, however, is the way that designer Stephanie Hunt (also the owner of Bella Blvd) created a focal point photo with group sports shots. Sometimes when we have pictures of a game it is really hard to create a pleasing, balanced layout. Because Stephanie left one photo a little larger, placed it a little higher on the page, and framed it with embellishments, the upper right photo becomes the focal point photograph of the layout.

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