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Finish Covering the Box
Complete Covering the Box

Complete Covering the Box

In the first photo above, you can once again see clearly how to cut the corners of your patterned paper. Use an aggressive adhesive, such as photo tape, to add a strip of adhesive to the top edge of the outside of the box on the two sides with the pointy flaps of paper (photo 1). Fold up these two sides firmly (photo 2). Next, you can add adhesive to the remaining two sides and fold up those flaps as well. Use scissors to neatly trim the extra paper around the edge of the box (photo 3). Repeat the steps on the box lid and you will have a beautifully covered box ready for your scrapbook pages (photo 4).

Note: If desired, you can fold the extra paper in photo 3 inside the box bottom and adhere it with photo tape. However, do not fold the extra paper inside the box lid, or that extra thickness may make it difficult for the lid to go on and off of the box.

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