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Year in Review - Scrapbook Pages For the Busy Scrapbooker


Year in Review scrapbook pages are layouts that showcase the highlights of your last year. These scrapbook pages are perfect for the busy scrapbooker, since even if you only create a Year in Review scrapbook page spread each year, you can easily make a beautiful scrapbook as the years go by. Year in review layouts tend to use a lot of photos, so this resource page also has links to sketches and ideas for helping you place many photos on one scrapbook page spread.

1. Family Tree Themed Year in Review Scrapbook Page Idea

YIR Family Tree Scrapbook Page Idea Close-Up
Rebecca Ludens
This fantastic sketch challenge has room for many, many photos and creates a layout that looks like a tree. The article shows you Rebecca's sample layout and also has links to the free scrapbook page sketch, free tree patterns, and also a quick tips article about making your own hand cut flower scrapbook page embellishments. There is also a link at the end of the article where you can share your own page that you make based on the Family Tree Year in Review Page sketch and patterns.

2. Year In Review Scrapbook Page Idea

This year in review scrapbook page has 13 photos on it. Each row of photos is labeled with a number which corresponds to the numbers in the journaling box. This is a quick way to show off what you did all year. One row has a photo from each child's birthday, another has photos from the first day of school that year. Vacations, sporting events, concerts, and more can all be included on a year in review scrapbook page layout.

3. Scrapbook in a Box

The Scrapbook in a Box is also a great way to showcase photos for an entire year. Once again select the photos that represent important events of the last year. This time, place them in a decorated box that contains accordion fold mini scrapbook pages.

4. Scrapbook Page Sketches with Lots of Photos

Any of these sketches would be perfect for a Year in Review scrapbook page. You can find scrapbook page layout ideas that use as few as 7 photos or as many as 15 in this free scrapbook page sketch gallery.

5. More Ideas for Scrapbooking with Lots of Photos

Need more help finding ways to put lots of photos on just two scrapbook pages? This is the resource page to turn to for ideas. Here you will find free sketches, page ideas, and articles all with tips for using many photos on a layout.

6. Year in Review Scrapbook Page Idea II

Double 12x12 Scrapbook Page Ideas for Year In Review Pages

The Year in Review scrapbook page idea shown here has room for a large family picture along with spots for 12 small photos of events that cover that previous year. Also included in this gallery is a free scrapbook page sketch for this double 12x12 inch scrapbook page.

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