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Creative Border Ideas for Scrapbook Pages


Sometimes all your scrapbook pages need to make them complete is a creative border. A border is any embellishment that runs down one side of your scrapbook page layout. The borders in this gallery use a variety of scrapbook materials including vellum, ribbon, chipboard, and patterned papers. Several borders even use the photos themselves as border decorations. Get your scrapbooking juices flowing with these creative border ideas for scrapbook pages.
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Creative Scrapbook Borders - Letters on RibbonCreative Scrapbook Borders - Photos on Cardstock StripCreative Scrapbook Borders - Vellum Over Photos with Slide MountsCreative Scrapbook Borders - Printed Word Blocks
Creative Scrapbook Borders - Shapes and FlowersCreative Scrapbook Borders - Stitched RibbonCreative Scrapbook Borders - Layered ShapesCreative Scrapbook Borders - Rounded Squares
Creative Scrapbook Borders - Die-cut LettersCreative Scrapbook Borders - Layering Slide Mounts and Torn VellumCreative Scrapbook Borders - Combining Patterned Paper and ChipboardCreative Scrapbook Borders - Combining Letters, Brads, and Flowers

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